Grey + Trash Truck

I’d never expected a trash collector to have such a profound impact on my family's life. In fact, almost everything about motherhood often surprises me with good.

Once each week on "Trash Truck Wednesday" whenever we hear the rumble of the truck we run outside in glee to watch it work it's magic. Greyson's eyes come alive and together we share something magical. For years it has been our bonding ritual. 

One day three years ago, the driver Frank stopped his truck and invited Greyson inside. That pebble of kindness started an entire avalanche of good. That evening I poured my heart out onto my keyboard and wrote a man I only knew by the first name of Frank THIS LETTER

"No matter how good or how bad our week was, there you were every Wednesday reminding me that we could go on. The weeks I couldn't count on anything, I could count on you, Frank to light up my boy's face. My 4-year-old son, Greyson has autism. Some days it's nearly impossible to get into his world. I still remember the first time he heard and processed the hum of your engine coming down our street. My son who barely speaks said to me, "I want truck". You better believe we ran. You broke into his world when I couldn't, and moments spent watching you go down our street together brought him back to me."

My words found their way into Frank's hands and heart, and the friendship that occurred since then has inspired the Nation.


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  1. Sometimes angels don't look like we expect them to look.

  2. Such a beautiful video... brings tears to my eyes as my son (on the spectrum) jumps up and down and flaps his arms when he is happy... pure innocence and love. Warms my heart!

  3. Great video share. I love it