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I am so glad you stopped by. My name is Chrissy. I'm a Mom and wife, a writer, a picture taker, and a World changer. I live in the Central Valley of California with my husband Michael, and our sons Greyson and Parker. I am brave, honest, real and I never ever give up.I love so big that it sometimes hurts.I am changing the world, two eyes at a time. That's why I write this blog about life with my two adorable boys on the autism spectrum. 

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I hope my stories and pictures make you laugh out loud, cry tears of sadness and joy, and most importantly- feel. I want you to realize that life can still be amazing despite circumstances that may not be ideal.

I want to change the way the world views and talks about autism. I do not debate vaccinations, special diets, or any controversial topics. There are plenty of great sources already out there doing that. We do not need any treatment advice, I simply want to connect and share. Ours is a story of hope. It  is my welcomed responsibility to raise hope, optimism and Awareness for autism everywhere. That's one of my goals in writing this blog. The more the world knows- the easier life will be for my boys and everyone labeled different... Along the way you may realize, even if you don't have children with autism that you can still relate.

This is our family's journey. I'm delighted and proud to share it with you.


Chrissy Kelly

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