Monday, November 24, 2014

lazy weekend

The weekend was filled with PJ's, pancakes and fun.

 photo photo17_zpsbb54203c.jpg

In fact on Saturday I let Greyson keep his pajamas on all day. At 6pm we just switched him to a fresh pair. He works so dang hard Monday through Friday that he deserves a break from reality just as much as I do.

 photo _MG_5405_zps1e209e93.jpg

 photo _MG_5411_zps156391ed.jpg

I FINALLY found the right recipe for my FAVORITE kind of chocolate chip cookies. (Chewy and flat). HERE it is.  That Martha Stewart really knows what she's doing. 

 photo photo14_zpse7b74776.jpg
So I did some baking too.

 photo photo26_zps7511717c.jpg

Until I ran out of sugar.

And a few weeks ago I shared this story on Facebook. 

Grey spotted the carousel from the parking lot. "Hose" he said. He barely speaks- so when he asks for something I rarely say no. There was a quarter jammed in the machine and it wouldn't work. I was urgently using my keys to Macgyver the money out. I wouldn't leave that damn parking lot until he rode this horse. A homeless man walked up to us and I tensed. I was holding my wallet and I knew he was going to ask me for money. "Do you need help?" He asked. "No thanks," I replied keeping my head down. "Do you need a quarter?" He asked digging into his pocket. I couldn't believe it. He was offering me money. I was so wrong before. I humbly smiled up at him- "No, we are good. But thank you so so much." My eyes filled with tears. I hear you God. We are the same- that man and I. Do not judge. You never know who God is going to show up as in your life.

Today we finally went back to ride that horse. I think he has asked for  it every single day since then. 

 photo _MG_5438_zps15597e82.jpg

 photo _MG_5427_zpsa698114a.jpg

Sometimes happiness is free, and sometimes it costs fifty cents.

Hope you have a great short week. It's crazy just how much we all have to be THANKFUL for.



Friday, November 21, 2014

picture imperfect

I bring my camera with me almost everywhere.

There have been many times I've actually forgotten my purse or a fresh diaper- but I remembered my camera. I love the way the world looks through a lens. A way that perspective doesn't provide me with in the moment. Time stands still. Babies don't grow. Beauty rises to the top while hard and comparison and guilt and fear and imperfect truly fade away.

I was desperate to learn photography because Greyson was drifting away. The pictures I took of him didn't look like him. His eyes looked vacant. Some of the pictures actually scared me because I didn't even recognize the boy looking back at me. And then I found out why. And I was willing to make a pact with the devil. Please. I will do anything. There is a light in my son so bright that some people can't see it. It flashes for a second and knocks me to my knees while I am left begging for it to come stay. I needed to capture that light and say- See. It exists. It is real. 

I pulled an old DSLR Canon camera I bought Michael the Christmas before that was still in the box. I shot on the automatic setting and it wasn't good enough. I found out in order to take quick and amazing photos I needed to be shooting in the camera's manual mode. I started reading everything I could at night and practicing during the day. ISO, Aperture, Shutter Speed became my new language. It was so confusing. It involved numbers and inverse relationships that I kept flipping. It was the second thing I was inherently BAD at that I wanted to KEEP doing in my life in order to get better. (Mothering was first). At first my pictures were so bad. Blurry, overexposed- but mostly they didn't make me FEEL. They didn't tell my story. I wanted my photos to tell the same story my mind saw. 

And one day Grey looked and I was quick enough to snap my shutter and I finally caught it. I was high. And I started to learn how to catch it again and again. I had to let him lead. I couldn't say sit here or look here or do this. I just had to let him be Greyson. And I kept at it until finally one day- the images in my camera started to line up with the image in my eyes.

That was three years ago now. Our life is so different. But (for today at least) it feels like it was always meant to be mine just the way it is. Life wants to be loved unconditionally and I am trying to do just that. To celebrate the things I love and to handle the things I don't love with grace. And if autism has to be present in my life, I will learn to at least be grateful for the other gifts it brings. Autism and photography changes the way I feel about everything. The way I look at everything. I am raw to everything in the world now. Suffering, pain, beauty.

And sometimes I wish my heart wasn't such a sponge, absorbing everything in it's wake. But it also helps me find beauty in everything simple. Perfect posed pictures will never tell our story. And I'm more than okay with that. I love our story. Who cares about a happy ending? I want a happy today.

 photo _MG_5313_zps44041a76.jpg

 photo _MG_5325_zps8b6946de.jpg

 photo _MG_5327_zps88efa7fe.jpg
Grey made this owl at school and something about it made me cry. Maybe it was the wonky overglued right eye. Maybe it was the fact that I'm sure he had help and it took him ten times longer than the rest of the kids.

We went out front and played in the leaves. The colors were so vibrant I felt like we were in a painting.

 photo _MG_5390_zps6fc2b3b0.jpg

 photo _MG_5342_zps76f5f8f2.jpg

 photo _MG_5353_zps2355d83c.jpg

 photo _MG_5357_zpsbff6e10a.jpg
Let me get this leaf out brother.

 photo _MG_5401_zps833ab3b8.jpg

If you ever have any questions or want me to share any info on taking pictures, feel free to ask away. To get amazing pictures you must do three things:

  • Purchase a DSLR camera (I started with a Canon Rebel and a $100 50 mm lens)
  • Be willing to take a ton of crappy pictures
  • Love your life unconditionally. That love shines through in your imperfect images.

Happy Friday,


Wednesday, November 19, 2014

lovers gonna love


Why is the Lifetime Movie Network already playing Christmas movies? Ewww.

Better question: WHY am I watching the (second in a row) aforementioned Christmas movie in the first place?!!! 

 photo _MG_5253_zpsd170f6aa.jpg

But speaking of Christmas - How adorable is this cutie?! I am officially retired from photography for now, but if you are my friend and you come over to hang out and you have the world's cutest baby like Matthew, I WILL take their picture whether you like it or not.

Why do I go into the kitchen for ONE single thing, repeating the thing I am getting the whole time so I don't forget: pen, pen, pen...and then stand in the kitchen...pause...and can't remember what I came in for. So then I grab something from the pantry that I don't need like a mini Kit Kat (WHY ARE THEY SO FRICKING DELICIOUS?!) And then I go ALLLLLL the way back upstairs and then BAM- remember the pen. I blame forgetfulness for obesity in America. It's just people going into the kitchen too often and grabbing Kit Kats instead of pens.

Also- Why do I always let me phone and computer get to 1% battery before I run around like an INSANE person on fire looking for the charger? Why, why, why?!!! 

Are you like me too? 

I feel the solid weight of Parker in my arms while rocking him goodnight. 

 photo _MG_5125_zps4bce8e0d.jpg

I will rock him until he's forty if he lets me. I place my nose at the top of his head and I breathe so deep I can feel it in my toes. He always smells just like Parker, one of my favorite scents on earth. Sometimes he smells clean like the bath and light like hope. Sometimes he smells like dirt and rosemary-- he plays IN a rosemary bush we have outside and it smells awful to me now. Like old man and B.O. But still- it's my Parker so it's just perfect. But I will NEVER order rosemary ANYTHING at a restaurant. Oh man, it's my favorite part of the day and lucky, lucky, lucky runs on a loop in my mind. Not because he's finally going to bed and I get alone time (but me-oh-my thank gosh for that). But it's the part of the day where time slows down like I often beg it to- a time where chaos and calm collide and explode and the calm is all that survives. Life seems to make the most sense then. 

All we can do is keep breathing. Hard, easy, hard, easy. Life.

In therapy I was talking about a situation in which my feelings were hurt and I was left feeling shamed with others around. A situation in which I felt put down and then felt sad and then felt angry. What did I do in the moment? I shut down. I didn't retaliate. I stayed quiet. I took deep breaths. I'm a lover not a fighter and conflict is never my first choice. 

Cause the players gonna play, play, play
And the haters gonna hate, hate, hate
Baby I'm just gonna shake, shake, shake

Shake it off

And where did all that shame and anger go? The therapist asked. And with no warning I started to sob. I grabbed tight to the scarf I was wearing and burrowed into it like a little girl with her woobie while my shoulders and my heart shook. I didn't understand why I was crying so hard and then I did. Because it's all in there still. The pain. The fear. The anger. Shame. Inadequacy. Sadness. Life. There's a vast room of it hidden deep inside the basement of me and I don't know how to get to it to get it out. I stay far away from there so I don't get lost down there and get stuck inside that room forever. I always feel like I am dealing and letting go- and then BOOM. A moment like that happens and I feel the weight of that pent up room. 

I used to eat it out. Get fast food or go to the grocery store and buy all the things I deprived myself of and eat. And eat and eat. And all those feelings grew too big for my skin and I couldn't rip it off so I would throw it up. And those bad feelings got flushed down the toilet. But that is no way to deal with feelings. So immediately after I graduated college I started therapy for an eating disorder. Then I would run my feelings out because I couldn't throw them up. And with each pounding of the pavement those awful feelings would release. Out. Out. Out. All the anger and fear and inadequacy of life. There were days I don't think I would have survived without a run. And then a year and a half ago my knee blew out. The cartilage is gone. And with twice yearly injections the pain is gone but running is out of the question.

Which leads me to now on a therapists couch. Sobbing. I guess writing is my new running. But it isn't enough. I need to learn how to speak what is on my mind in the moment without stuffing it down. And it's easy to yell at someone who is awful. Or turn the other cheek if someone is just ignorant or not worth my time or I know won't change. But it's hard to speak up when my feelings are hurt in my own personal relationships. When I am disappointed. When I really need someone to be there for me. I get disappointed and let down and I stuff that inside too. I have no problem sharing when I am sad or happy. Why is it so hard to be honest when there is conflict? Can't lovers ALSO be truth telllers as opposed to fighters? Even if the truth isn't sparkly and shiny? And when we do get our feelings hurt and don't say anything- where do all those unhappy feelings go? 

How do you release them?

 photo _MG_5271_zps08812192.jpg

Time with Friends always fills me up. Parker brought a book outside with him and he gave it to Frank to read.

 photo _MG_5290_zps233cc3aa.jpg

 photo _MG_5291_zps0ba7e8e8.jpg

 photo _MG_5292_zps641ef240.jpg

Do you know how sometimes we are in a tough moment and we think our whole life is awful- not just that moment? Maybe that room inside me isn't nearly as big as I think it is. At least that how I feel now that you and I are here chatting. Maybe writing is the new running.

(or maybe not and I'm just as screwed up as I initially thought. Everything doesn't always have to have a happy ending to be okay.) 


One last thing! What was it. I can't remember. Why did I come back here again?
OH YES!!! I want to share this piece I wrote for Autism Speaks on 5 Ways to Take Care of You! The tips work are even good for Moms (and Dads) who aren't affected by autism).

Monday, November 17, 2014

another day in paradise

I went to bed last night at 9:30pm. That's the earliest I've gone to bed since I was probably eight years old. My eyelids were drooping and Greyson had just fallen asleep on my shoulder. {heaven}. The air outside was cold and under the covers was so so warm. But I desperately need time alone.

Are you going to sleep now? Michael asked.
No, I replied half steam.
Why not? He asked.
Because I don't want to miss out on everything. I realized how silly it sounded after I said it.
Like what? he asked confused.
Reading. Or watching TV. Or just simply being alone, I said.
You can do all of those things tomorrow he said. He was right- so off I went to sleepy town.

Ahhhh, alone time is my soul mate. I want to marry it. I need it to refuel. A couple of months ago I was reading something about introvert/extroverts. It said introverts need alone time to refuel and extroverts need the company of other people to refuel. Until that moment I have ALWAYS thought of myself as an extrovert. I was in sales. I like talking to people. I'm loud. I have no problem sharing all my secrets (duh).

But getting out of the sales environment, becoming a parent, and moving to a new town without knowing a soul has changed me deep in my fibers. I've started to discover who I am when I am absolutely myself. I started taking old myers-briggs personality tests and reading more about introverts. (If you want to take one CLICK HERE). Ah- ha! There were so many introverted qualities that described ME. Qualities I thought meant I was broken:  I frequently need alone time to reset. I find small talk cumbersome. Networking makes me feel like a phony. Downtime does NOT feel unproductive to me. I have a constant inner monologue.

The funny thing is- I also have many strong extroverted qualities and based on the day I've scored as both an introvert and an extrovert. I pivot right on the line of both. Today I am an ENFJ- you have to take the test to see what that means. It's helped me open my eyes to realize the importance of looking at myself without judgement. I'm so ready to label something I do as wrong or messed up instead of looking at myself with compassion and more importantly instead of focusing on what I'm good at- instead of looking at ways I am "flawed." So maybe I'm not comfortable in big groups of people- I am very comfortable in small intimate settings. There's always two sides to every situation. One doesn't have to be "good" while one is "bad." We are always looking to fix or change ourselves when we really are just right- exactly the way we are. 

Repeat after me: I am just perfect- exactly the way I am. 

Some scenes from today...

 photo _MG_5148_zps3cf09881.jpg
These two have been inseparable lately. I used to chalk it up to that the times he was carrying food - but I noticed she's right by his side even when his hands are empty. She's my pain in the ass dog- but boy do I love her extra big when I see her right by his side.

 photo _MG_5035_zpsef249e57.jpg
(Here they were over the weekend.)

 photo _MG_5157_zpsfae677d4.jpg
Smoothies before speech. Please note Parker's- "I haven't worn long pants since last Winter and my Mom is in denial that I grow so fast and didn't realize they were too short until they were already on so she rolled them up like this and now I look like a doofus" pants.

 photo IMG_5706_zps1645c7b8.jpeg
My lunch today because of all the CRAP I ate over the weekend. Locals: Dog House Grill. Need I say more?

 photo _MG_5162_zps05e5bf6f.jpg

 photo _MG_5163_zps66b9f2ef.jpg

 photo _MG_5176_zps3f1c7e5b.jpg
Times two

ONE LAST THING. I received a message from Katie Driscoll asking for my and your help- She's Changing the Face of Beauty to include ALL people with Special Needs. Katie has already made huge strides but she won't settle until Special Needs advertising is main stream. She challenges all of us to make a video urging our favorite retailers to include people with all Super Powers. Check out our video! If you do one make sure you share and hashtag #changingthefaceofbeauty and #theellenshow 

Just another day in Paradise. Until we meet again my Friend. 

Much Love,

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

get away

One day.

Sometimes that's all it takes to get you out of your head...and into your life.

We rarely ever ever never go away over night. Parker has not been able to sleep outside of his own bed. I don't mean he has trouble sleeping. I mean- HE DOES NOT FRICKING SLEEP. Awake until 1am and then sleeping in two hour intervals in between blood curdling screaming. Like front desk of the hotel calling and politely saying, "Is everything okay in your room?" (because could you IMAGINE if they said- you need to shut your kid up?!). We've tried driving him around and pack and plays and cribs and him sleeping in the bed. Everything.

And I love sleep. More than Reality TV- which is A LOT. 

It's been over a year so we decided it was time to suck it up and get away. We joined my Annie at their friends beautiful cabin in the woods. 

 photo _MG_4543_zps71deeff1.jpg

 photo _MG_4585_zps584dec2a.jpg

There were big spaces for the boys to run free in Avila Beach- a tiny little nook about 160 miles northwest of Los Angeles. We went to the most amazing place on earth called the Avila Valley Barn.  They had all the things that little boys like. A market and bakery and ice cream and hay rides and delicious food and animals and dirt and a million other things. It was a little island of magic free of everything that clutters your mind in the real world.

 photo _MG_4591_zps9dd6b455.jpg

 photo _MG_4593_zpseea6f402.jpg  photo _MG_4607_zps9e6675b6.jpg  photo _MG_4603_zps9d108718.jpg  photo _MG_4614_zpsb59ac43f.jpg

Even little baby Adirondack chairs. And yes, I had to google how to spell Adirondack. And no I can never say it. Let's all just agree to call them wooden beach chair thingys. Deal?

 photo _MG_4617_zps8c72ba0b.jpg

 photo _MG_4623_zps6b62c0e6.jpg

 photo _MG_4655_zpsc71cedc5.jpg

 photo _MG_4879_zps884c2510.jpg

But the best, best part was the beach. That's one of the things I love so much about pictures. When I look at them -it's like I'm still there. I can almost hear the water slapping against the sand.

 photo _MG_4682_zps75171763.jpg
The sky contained the setting sun and so many clouds you could barely see the sky at times. The air was crisp and wet and full of energy.

 photo _MG_4821_zpsdd5888d8.jpg

 photo _MG_4807_zps1b4f74ed.jpg

 photo _MG_4839_zpsb6e0a14f.jpg
Laughing, screaming, running, sandy, wet and freezing cold perfection.

 photo _MG_4854_zps9870db49.jpg
Don't you just love that feeling when the tide goes back to its Momma and it sucks your feet and tries to take it with you? Yep, Doodle did too.

 photo _MG_4688_zps886124af.jpg
He is at peace there. More at peace than I have ever seen him in his life.

 photo _MG_4769_zpsad95a2cc.jpg

Me too. I can't remember the last time I felt THIS alive. 


PS- Parker slept in a pack and play ALL NIGHT LONG. Amen.

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Happy like it's your job

I used to think happy was something we were entitled to. Once all the things lined up just right then poof- congratulations- Happy. I thought some people were lucky and happy came to them naturally. Or maybe they were just happy because they were rich or perfect or had one of everything in the world. I wanted to be happy so I sat and waited for my entitled dose to come along.

And I sat and I sat and I sat and waited for a particular brand of happy that never came my way. Which made sense because I never found rich or flawless or finally collected one of all the things in the Universe. So I started to trek to find my own happiness, just in case it couldn't find me. 

And then life happened to me. Real life. Struggle. Fear. Hot searing pain that pierced into my heart. I was so sad, not only about the circumstances but about the fact that my now imperfect life would never know happy again. I mourned the death of happy like it was a person. Or oxygen. How in the world are you supposed to find happy when you know certain imperfect circumstances in your life are never ever going to change? I didn't think happiness was an option in a world so flawed. But I was wrong. 

Absolutely wrong.

Happiness is planting your feet firmly in the chaos of life and holding tight to a willingness to look for beauty. Happiness is not an absence of imperfection but the ability to overlook it in order to notice the good stuff. Look around - the formula for happiness is not all the riches in the world. It's not physical beauty or one of everything. It's not perfect health. It's not the things we buy or the way we look. Focusing on all of those things are actually distractions on the road to happy, and are unfortunately detours that some people never ever make it around. Don't let that happen to you. Choose happy. Be happy. Here are some simple ways to start. 

 photo 2751c198-e1f9-415b-9be3-80bd251d027e_zpsae206c9f.jpg

Surround yourself with happy when you can. Happiness feeds (and therefore creates) more happy. Same with sadness. Pay attention to your focus. What and who are you filling yourself up with? Choose good things. Positive things. What are your triggers that bring you down? Maybe it's watching the News. Maybe it's Facebook or an energy sucking friend or family member. Stop doing things out of guilt or obligation with the people that make you feel bad. Take that happy back for yourself. Say no to the things that bring you down. When do you feel your best? Maybe it's while you are reading, or at church, or while running.

 photo _MG_43081_zps2c0bbf8f.jpg
For me it's while taking pictures. I'm grateful for the way it makes me notice the beauty of light. 

 photo _MG_4314_zps710bfd57.jpg
The way it melted its golden goodness on Parker made me feel so at peace. I was so happy I couldn't wait to share it with my camera.

 photo _MG_4370_zps8a59ad18.jpg
Chasing light makes me so happy.

Spend HALF as much time taking care of yourself as you do bashing, second guessing, rushing, criticizing and cutting down. Organize your thoughts- challenge yourself into new ways of thinking. 

 photo photo13_zpscb8b0140.jpg

When you start to ruminate or obsess- just think STOP. Refocus. Focus on solutions, not problems.  Psychologist David Lykken believes we can absolutely pursue happiness. We can do this by thwarting negative emotions such as pessimism, resentment, and anger. And we can foster positive emotions, such as empathy, serenity, and especially gratitude. We can do this every damn day from the moment we wake up. 

Make time for a hobby. If you don't have one try many on for size. If you have that figured out do something to contribute to it daily. Whether it's three minutes or thirty. Make time for you. Guilt free time. It's not selfish it's self preservation. It's a gorgeous reminder that life is not all obligation- it's also adventure. The more time you give to you the more it creates for others. Spend five extra minutes getting ready in the morning as an investment in you. Look around and practice grateful just for YOU. Not for Facebook. Not to show others: I'm so blessed. But just to FEEL. I read an article about a young woman with cystic fibrosis who was getting married. Life expectancy of those with this disease is improving, but many die in their 20's and 30's. Breathing is extremely difficult and often painful. They have to use oxygen. After I read this I just sat there in awe of the fact that I have working lungs. It's an amazing gift and one that I take for granted. Reading about other's struggles helps me remember how much I have to be grateful for.

Do things for other without expecting anything in return. Help people. A million different people in tiny different ways. I know, I know- you are busy. But we trick ourselves into thinking what we do must be big or expensive or elaborate and time consuming to make a difference. That's just not true. It can be tiny. Drag the neighbors trash cans up their curb on trash day. Wave cars in the lane in front of you and stop being in such a damn hurry, bring a teacher an apple, push someones grocery cart back to the store for them. Little. Tiny. Daily things. They are like prayers with legs ,trickling forward and changing the world.

 photo photo25_zps7fac68d5.jpg

Go practice happy. Happy like it's your job and you are damned good at it. Don't sit and wait for it- go and create it now.