Friday, December 18, 2009


We went for a Santa picture at Manhattan Village Mall. As a Mother, I knew it was one of many parental Christmas obligations. Boy, did we have fun. We got pretty lucky and only had to wait in line for about 30 minutes- yes still torture for a 6-month-old, but I've heard much worse horror stories. Santa looked perfect (it had been awhile since I'd seen the man). When it came our turn, I didn't think twice about plunking you down on his lap. I knew you wouldn't be sad or scared, and you weren't. At first you just stared into his face and were mesmerized by the bright red suit! First we snapped a shot together, then it was your turn for some solo shots. The crowd "ahhhhhh"ed and "Ohhhhhhhh"ed at the beautiful doozies of a smile you kept throwing out. The guy taking the pictures kept missing these shots! Anyway, we've got a partial smile profile that I think is adorable! As I reached out to pick you up off Santa's lap, you quickly looked up and gave a fierce yank on Santa's real beard that had the crowd laughing.

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