Sunday, March 21, 2010

Jack and Belle

Ever since we bought our home, dad had been trying to convince me that we needed a dog, as in just had to have. In September of 2007, I finally caved. After some serious searching, Jack was the one and only dog that was meant to become our first born baby boy. My heart hurt I loved him so much, and I know Poppa felt the exact same way. Our fun weekend play days revolved around Jack. Getting Jack food, buying Jack toys, taking Jack to the dog park to play, going to the dog beach with Jack -- basically going to any pet friendly place with Jack in tow. If Jack wasn't allowed, well than we didn't want to be there in the first place.

Belle came next. Somehow Dad convinced me that we needed ANOTHER dog, and more importantly, that Jack needed a friend to keep him company while we were gone during the day. On a whim we went to look and the very next thing I know, I am the momma of not one, but two little munchkins. Some days it's more crazy than I care to have...but most days its just right . They love you with all four of their paws, and have since the moment we brought you home from the hospital. We were so worried about how they would react around you. Would they be jealous? Would they be gentle with you? While you and I were still in the hospital, Dad came home with a blanket of yours for the dogs to smell- so they could get used to you and your scent. From them moment we walked in the door they were fascinated by you, and they still are. They always want to be around you, and even better if they can be licking your face while they are hanging out. They will be your very first best friends. I can tell you, watching the three of our babies grow up has brought us so much happiness and laughter.

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