Wednesday, August 17, 2011

4 months

I'm convinced that while you're pregnant, the 40 weeks drag on and on and on. Like your belly, Time expands outward and completely. On the flip side ...the first year after your baby is born Time snaps her fierce quickness like a rubber band til it stings.

I beg, "Please slow down," but it doesn't. So I plant my feet as firmly as possible and hold on.
Parker, at your 4 month appointment you were 16 lbs. 2 oz. and 24 inches long.


I am gobsmacked, crazy insane, giddy in love. I drink in the coo's and the smiles and the eye contact. He takes in the world with his eyes, and I get to be there to experience it too. Today I heard my first laugh and my ears are glowing. My boy laughs. Laughing makes everything good.


He watches everything you do Greyson. He's fascinated.

We've been busy enjoying Summer. Soaking in the heat of August. Living simple. Going for walks...
You skipped your nap this day and the stroller lullied you to sleep.

Greyson you've rediscovered swinging and our favorite jaunt is at our neighborhood park. I push you until sweat is dripping down my legs-and when I finally stop- as soon as the pendulum motion stops you look me dead in the eye and says, "More". I can't deny your words, so we swing some more.

Yeah, I'm a pushover. I want to give you everything you want and need. I know part of being a good parent is setting boundaries and limits. Lately though, I've preferred coloring outside the lines.

"You didn't finish your dinner? You must be hungry then... So, how about some icecream?"

There will be times that demand limits and boundaries, and times that require hugs, swirls and sprinkles.


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