Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The Big Reveal

Yesterday delivered all kinds of crazy at our house.

The day started out with The Big Post…then we had 2University…

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After 2U we had a “Transition Meeting” with Greyson’s school teacher and The Central Valley Regional Center where we discussed what will happen to Bitty G when he turns 3 and is no longer eligible for Early Intervention Services.

As I’ve mentioned before, we are not sad…our day to day is not sad…But sometimes we get sad….or scared…or overwhelmed…and those meetings can certainly cause a rise of those types of feelings in my chest.

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We review charts and checklists, discuss his goals and current attainment….we answer lots of questions about his development- can he balance on one foot, how many words does he use spontaneously, does he associate animal noises with pictures, can he draw a horizontal line, can he point to himself in a picture…and so on…and I start to get scared because I think- that is what he should be doing based on his age… and then I forget to pay attention, I forget to ask important questions because although my body is sitting there with them…my mind is someone far far away. Yesterday I was able to stop myself while I was doing it though…thinking about the future…worrying about a stupid checklist...That's certainly not how I measure Greyson & who he is...as I’ve written before- all we ever need to deal with is this moment right here and I realized that at this moment- I am fine and G is fine. We will have all the tools we need to deal with the future when we need them and not a minute before. And luckily I was able to step back and ask the right questions and focus on the right things…

I was a Communication Major in college, which – for me- was synonymous with “I suck at Math”. That being said, I am perfectly capable of reporting numbers.

I asked….and you delivered…each and every single one of you that came by this blog for a visit…You sweet thing you--reading these words on your computer…And you- sitting in your car reading on your phone…..You totally get it. Mommas and even Poppas sharing and re-sharing the link to LifewithGreyson.

You are all truly changing The World as we speak...

I have never felt so much fire, so much passion, so much love from a computer in my life. You exceeded our highest expectations. 24 hours after I posted “The Big Post” I am happy to report that we have had 1,100 hits.

I know we just started hanging out and all...but I must say...I think I love you.

I can’t string together the right words to let you know how truly grateful and blessed we are. We are so glad to have you here.

Much Love,


Chrissy Michael and Parker Kelly


  1. Balancing on one foot, drawing a horizontal line, those are tasks kids learn at their own pace -- Some more quickly than others. As a father I can tell you, most of the tasks on the development checklists are things a trained monkey can do. In my opinion, my son and Bitty G are much more than that. Will it matter ten years from now whether he used three word sentences at two years or three? That's not what he'll remember, or me either. Good luck on your journey.

    1. Thanks for reading & Commenting, Mike. Great point- I will remember nothing of the sort. I will remember the good stuff. Best to you and your too.