Saturday, January 7, 2012

conversations with God

Last night I had a conversation with God. I couldn't wait to tell you about it.

Woodward Park...A good place to talk to Him.

I asked him to explain the whole, "God only gives you what you can handle" phrase because I've heard it a lot lately. God just started laughing. The thing most people don't know about God is that he has an awesome sense of humor, a deep laugh, and his eyes crinkle in the sweetest way when he belts one out.

He said that somewhere along the lines what he really said got a little misconstrued. The real quote is- "Whatever life gives us God helps us handle". I told him that makes so much more sense to me!

Like- How unfair is the first one? "Chrissy- you are such a strong and capable person- I'm gonna really heavy up that load you are carrying because I know you can do it"...But "Sabrina- you are a little slow and can't really juggle alot of things at once, so...hmmm--let's have you win the lottery and have a perfect life, because sweetie, no offense- that's all you can handle girl."

God and I had a really good laugh then. That man cracks me up!


  1. Chrissy this is my favorite post!! I think I had the exact same conversation probably a couple of times <3

    1. I love it and love you stopping by! Thank you for sharing a comment! HE brought us together here friend!

  2. I have been laughing a lot at life because I feel like God thinks I would think it is funny when he throws me a rotten egg....ummm okay. Just let me think about this for a moment. Oh, yes you are testing my character. You are amazing Chrissy.

  3. Girl, God hooked Sabrina up! This is my FAVORITE post of yours. Ever.