Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The Day After

I am...
one part: Laid back, carpe-dieming, authentic, sunshine loving, life-living, enjoying--not sweating the small things type of Mom, Wife, person, Friend...


one part: Type A, OCD, by the book, Color coordinated and alphabetized, black and white, all or nothing type of Mom, Wife, person and friend too...

Depends on the task at hand, my attitude that day...and who knows what else...I'm still looking for a pattern. (If you find one, tell me.) I am a blend of all those things and somehow they all usually work together in harmony with one another.

Sometimes the two opposing forces refuse to be blended though. My brain gets into arguments with its self. Each side debating to prove it is the correct one. Yesterday OCD was the big winner. There was no perfect blending, no laid back, no working together.

Sometimes when I am freaking out- I wish I could connect with my real self and say
"Hey! Freak out over this all you want tomorrow.... but don't even think about it for one more second today".... you know how the story "tomorrow" I usually don't even feel like freaking out anymore in the first place.

Luckily, while I was sleeping the 2 sides figured out how to get along.
I just needed to look at the same situation in a different way.

I woke up knowing it was going to be a great day (mostly because it wasn't yesterday, and anything that isn't yesterday is GOOD.) Then on top of that pink cotton candy coated goodness, I woke up to the awesome and beautiful reality that I am not alone. We are all united in our daily struggles, and we don't have to be in the same brain....or in the same room...or even the same state to make that a true story that I would like to read.

Today was exactly the kind of day I want to have when we are ready for potty training...
It started out innocent, like this...

And somehow it turned into this...
and this...

Laid back, innocent little boy fun. My favorite. (In between all-day intensive therapy!)

I love you, friends! Thank you for reading, for stopping by to see me on Facebook and to leave me nice words. You make my day all the time. Will you sign up and become a Member of this blog? I need more people walking with me on this Journey. And to my sweet 77 friends that took the time to sign up....I talked with God....he let me know that you are getting a VIP pass when it's your turn to go to lines for you to wait in....oh, and he's getting you a new car too. Apparently he has more connections than Oprah. Congratulations you.

I need you to know something. At least once a week, I get a message from someone because of YOU. Someone who truly needed to find this blog did....because of YOU...maybe you shared it because it made you laugh, or it touched your soul...but you are making a difference and you are helping Mommas that need your help with the beginning of their Spectrum Journey and you are also helping the World accept different.

You rock.

Please continue to share a link to the blog. Yes, I mean YOU! I wish I could combine the right words to let you know just how grateful I am. Thank you for letting me see just how sweet and kind and loving the World really is....and the love of a Momma or a's superhuman in its strength. It blows me away.

I am reminded time and time again, that I am not alone on this journey...
and neither are you...
Whatever problem you are going through ---RIGHT NOW----chances are, someone else has been there...someone else has been there and gotten through it too. It never feels like it at the time, but it is true. The exact same thing...whether it's bringing a second baby into the house, or getting a divorce, advocating for a Spectrum Kid, quitting smoking, going through a breakup, changing careers, getting over an empty nest, or fighting Cancer...

You are so unique....but our problems certainly are not.

Not to belittle them, but to enlighten you.

Good Night Moon, and Good Night you.

(Find me on Facebook...we could totally hang out.)


  1. Love it, but that's not surprising! Glad you were in a better state of mind today. I find some days I spend more time fighting against myself than anything... When I wake up the next day I simply tell myself to shut the Fairy Princess up and take it easy... Especially, on me.

  2. His expression in that first pic sans clothes is AWESOME!!! What a great face to capture!

    1. I must admit it has made me smile a few times today. Thank you, friend.

  3. I must admit, as I looked at the progression of the photos, I thought that after he was naked he knelt down to play in the p**. Woopsie. That would be a bummer, but certainly not unusual for a toddler.

    I have a 6-year-old girl, Adelaide, who was diagnosed last year with high-functioning Austism and potty training her was t-o-u-g-h. She was well on her way to turning 4, so I attempted to potty train her and her younger sister simultaneously. I have an AWESOME photo of the two of them on their potty seats, surrounded by streamers of TP, high-fiving each other. That was the beacon of sunlight in an otherwise frustrating training regimen.

    All this was before her diagnosis, but I long knew something was "up" with her. Everything wa/is a struggle, but her determination and kind spirit shine through even the muddiest moments.

    Your photography is divine and your little boy and his peachy skin are a dream. Stay strong!

    1. I love your bitties name. Thank you for reading Momma!