Sunday, October 14, 2012

all aboard

The key to riding the bike...
The key to riding the horse...

The key to being ALIVE...

It's not about not falling...

In fact, it's the opposite...You gotta be willing to fall and fall and fall and fall again...Sometimes these falls leave marks on our bodies and sometimes these falls aren't literal and they leave marks on our hearts and in our heads...

Fall anyway. Fall... and still go on...Don't let it make you bitter. Don't let it keep you sad.

After respecting your initial period of scared must.

Get Back On

Everyone has a story...Every one of you reading...and everyone you will interact with today...It is easy to forget that as we cross paths with each other in Life...we are all busy doing our own thing... You have taught me that our stories are so much more the same than any one of us could imagine...Not necessarily because of Autism- but because we Love...When it comes down to it, we choose Love... Sometimes chosing Love isn't always easy.

I'm such a control freak...I need to drive the train...I burden myself by trying to control the Universe...especially the things that aren't up to me in the slightest...

But for this Monday? I'm not driving...I'm just gonna go where the train takes me.

This weekend we went to the train station...because I was dying to watch Greyson watch a train...

Plus we got to work on Little and Big- part of a program he is doing in ABA called Opposites.

He started out perfectly still and in awe

And then he just started jumping for pure joy

Worth it...

Bonus? It's a cool place to take pictures. Plus- the feel and the sound of a train flying 12 inches in front of your invigorating...



Today? Resist nothing... Just hop into a train car with me! We'll let someone else drive for once.

Something about these words always gives me strength...


Friends- we develop in combat too... Sometimes life makes us feel weak- but sometimes it's actually just the growing pains of strength.

Mondays suck are tough. If you are in the heat of a Monday type of a moment- remember that you are not alone.

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