Tuesday, March 11, 2014

double good

Today our Monday disguised itself as a Wednesday. I may go so far as to say- possibly even a Thursday. Horse therapy was cancelled, and it was nice that we didn't have to go rushing around. Sometimes a break in the routine provides a needed dose of sanity.

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Who needs a whole group when one single blue man is this cute? Grey had a clap and squeal out loud amazing day at Speech Therapy today. My heart was high.

Here Grey has on a body sock. Many children with autism also have Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD). Their brain can't receive the appropriate signals from any of the different senses- any of the sense can be involved. The sock helps increase spacial awareness through balance and resistance, allowing children with sensory dysfunction to more effectively use their body. Another benefit the body sock offers is deep pressure input (the sense of touch). Greyson craves deep pressure as do many children on the autistic spectrum.  The sock, being wrapped up tightly, carrying a heavy bag, and being covered in pillows or covers give him that input that he craves. It calms and quiets him when he is anxious and unable to focus.

Parker doesn't seem to display any signs of SPD.

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After Speech we took a spontaneous trip to get a hair cut. I was daring Monday to shows its true colors. As soon as we pulled up I saw this awesome semi in the parking lot. I hoped it was a good omen.

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 photo _MG_6789_zps21b963b4.jpg

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The boys hate hair cuts. Like scream out loud, bucking and kicking HATE.  I usually hold them with their hands restrained. There have been times we have all left there crying.

 photo _MG_6825_zps814dabaa.jpg

 photo _MG_6828_zps881e1211.jpg

I took a different approach today. I simply handed them over to our awesome and capable stylist Maria, and then I walked away. And they did AMAZING. Better than ever awesome.

 photo _MG_6832_zps19fb4741.jpg

It was an eye opener for this helicopter Mom. Sometimes less Mom is more Mom. I need to let them stretch out those wings I've spent so long helping to grow. I highly recommend the double-fisted sucker distractor.

 photo _MG_6852_zpsa105ce63.jpg

In a RARELY seen move, both boys took a nap today. We were all kinds of off from the Daylight Savings time change. I didn't mind because I feel asleep too, AND we had more daylight to enjoy this evening (except for the fact that it's 11pm and Greyson is still awake. That part is sucky).

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This time of the year is my favorite. The golden sunlight that hits when the sun sets blows me away. Have you ever noticed that the word sunset is very similar to reset? Coincidence, or not? And inspiration and respiration. Deep breath in-- it fills you up with good stuff.

The golden sun makes my day flash before my eyes and reminds me that 97% of the things that make me sad- really just don't matter at all.

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 photo _MG_6935_zps7440f346.jpg

The boys took a swim lesson tonight. Doodle was in heaven, but it was a little tough on Grey. He loves the water but only on his terms- which involves no part of his face getting wet. We are ready to get over that hump, but it's gonna be a tall hill. His reward for going under a few times? Double fisted cherry suckers yet again.

 photo _MG_6960_zpsfe584388.jpg

Oh Monday, well played out. At this rate I may even start to like you. Time for Greyson and I to hit the hay.



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  1. Yeah, my husband and I are opposites with haircut time and when we went together the last time I realized he had it right. He just puts him in the chair and then walks away whereas I hover and do a song and dance show to try and keep him happy. Oh, and the double suckers are genius!

  2. Both my boys (Aspergers) hate hair cuts ... "but I can FEEL the scissors cutting my hair and it's too LOUD!" My 15 year old, who is at this moment walking in circles around our house (inside - perfect house for him, as he orbits people/things to cope), has had long hair all his life and my 8 year old, who is freaking out because his brother is walking in circles and that drives him crazy, is now growing his hair long. Our 8 year old actually braved the clippers to SHAVE his head (first mohawk, then totally) a couple years ago, but it was such sensory overload he doesn't even want scissors near his hair for a while.

  3. Love the double suckers!
    On a totally unelated note -
    Did you see the piece in NY Times Sunday magazine by Ron Suskind about "Disney therapy" for his autistic son? It's an excerpt from a book he has coming out. I don't have kids or nieces/nephews with autism, so am very far from an expert on anything to do with it. But the breakthroughs they had were pretty interesting to me. Here's a link if you're curious and haven't seen it:

    Hope your Tuesday is even better than your Monday!

  4. Hi Friend :) Cherry is Jace's absolute favorite sucker. I'm going to try the two handed sucker trick on Saturday, when it is our turn to hair cut.
    Much Love & Happiness to you, sweet Momma. xoxoxo Jennifer

  5. I'm going to have to stock up on lollipops. :)