Thursday, September 11, 2014

Ten things about me

Ten totally random things about me...

  • ONE: My all time favorite television shows are: Friends, Sex and the City and Breaking Bad.  I watch lots of television - usually while I'm writing into the wee hours of the night. Bravo is the biggest culprit. I would LOVE to write for TV- that would be a DREAM job.

  • TWO: I've been arrested. Once. I was a Sophomore in college. A police officer was knocking on doors in the dorm due to a suspicion of pot. I didn't have or do pot but I did have an unpaid speeding ticket on my record. Next stop- Paddy wagon and mug shots baby. Good thing I'm not a celebrity. 

  • THREE: I am obsessed with qtips- I even was as a little girl. I could clean my ears out twenty times a day- but I limit it to one. You are NOT allowed to clean your kids ears out with q-tips. I know because I did with Grey when he was a baby and I got IN TROUBLE by his doctor. I think that tickley twirly qtip feeling is the best/worst feeling in the world. I also use them to clean. If you have any favorite uses be sure and let me know.

  • FOUR: I love hearing from you. Love love love. Sometimes it takes me a couple weeks to write back but I always do. (Unless you are trying to sell me things or are asking me to sell your things). I appreciate your perspective, your stories and the ways our story has added perspective to your life. Most days I am happy, but some days are so hard and I love to reread your emails to remind me that none of us are in this life thing alone. I crave honest intimacy from life and interactions. It's easy to press "publish" on a post and wonder if anyone is really out there reading. Thank you for letting me know that you are out there.

  • FIVE: I have an addictive personality. Totally obsessive. Now that I'm a sort of grown-up I try to channel that drive into healthy outlets. I look back and laugh at some of my past obsessions. I totally remember in college doing Jazzercise (obsession #1 exercise) and running to the car afterwards to drink a diet Mountain Dew (#2)  and smoke a Marborol Light (#3). Unfortunately (and fortunately) I am off all three for now. 

  • SIX: US weekly is the only magazine I subscribe to. But I'm starting to feel creepy looking at it. I don't know half the people are and I don't care where Leann Rimes and Eddie Cibrian went to dinner. I especially don't want to see Justin Bieber or the likes with their shirt off. E-gads! Gross- I'm old-ish enough to be some of these kids Mothers. 

  • SEVEN: I'm always late. And if I'm not late- I will stop at Starbucks "real quick" and make myself late. It's almost like I have a fear of being early, so I just try to be on time and it never ever works and instead I'm late. At least now I have children that I can blame for it.  

Speaking of Starbucks- check out this HILARIOUS bit on the REAL reason Starbucks spells your name wrong. WARNING: It contains a couple of F-Bombs. Don't watch with small children around or if you hate cursing. 

  • EIGHT: Michael travels for work every week. I usually get a babysitter at night during the witching hours otherwise I go insane. Sometimes I sit by myself in my car to soak up the last seconds of my alone time. And sometimes on the very same day I keep them up late because I already miss before they are even asleep. Sometimes I have to stop myself from going into Parker's room and snatching him out of bed. They drive me crazy and I love them so big it hurts.

  • NINE: I can't believe it -but I've started to enjoy cooking. My favorite spice is by far Cumin. My favorite herb is basil. Did you know St. John's Wort is Basil? Some claim that one of it's many benefits is mood enhancement. I'm a self-proclaimed terrible cook- but ever since Summer started I have been cooking more and more. It's a nice escape from Mom'ing and it's a fun creative outlet.

  • TEN: I don't really like Holidays. The whole autism thing has thrown a wrench on so many of these kid-centric holidays. (Think about it- Christmas/ Easter/ Halloween). I'd like to say they are ACTUALLY about God or something bigger than that- but the world really doesn't really act that way. They just say it and then go ape shit on the commercialization of it. (Which I would be too but my kids just aren't into it.) For now- I am still wading the waters and figuring out how we can best celebrate in ways that work for us. Until then- Trash Truck Wednesday is my favorite holiday.

Some scenes from today...

 photo _MG_0394_zps422f2cd8.jpg

 photo _MG_0408_zps8070c4ba.jpg

 photo _MG_0409_zps0eaa5232.jpg

 photo _MG_0415_zps7b435ea9.jpg

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Feel free to share some of YOUR random facts with me. Either in the comments- or send an email to



  1. Here's a link, I posted my random facts on my blog! You are a great support to us your readers also; it's very comforting to know we aren't alone in these struggles. Don't ever doubt the importance of you!

  2. Chrissy,
    I commented on a post on my Facebook account from Life with Greyson and Parker that you were my muse, and I didn't add, my inspiration. Your response has made such a big difference in my life. I struggle in my own way, and your answer, along with celebrating Mass on Sunday. has gotten me through two very difficult weeks. I'm a practicing Catholic (I love the practicing part, because isn't that the truest part of all!), and it's funny because my firstborn, a baby boy (now 24), absolutely refused to sit still in church from day one. But my husband and just as absolutely, insisted that he attend.(Did I mention that stubbornness is a strong personality trait present in all six of us?) I figured if he could pay attention long enough to memorize the names of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, he was ready to start learning to participate in church as his appropriate level. You could call him "normal", but he would be greatly insulted, and none of my kids have ever been agreeable enough to do the "normal" things at the "normal" ages. Alas... Anyway, we always sat in the back of the church so we could slip out when he started making a fuss. It was a guarantee it would happen. Until, one day, my husband had a flash of inspiration (dare I say a "nudge" from God???), and asked our son what exactly the problem was, and what could we, Dad and Mom, do to fix it. The answer? He was incredibly frustrated and upset because he couldn't SEE what was happening on the altar. We made a deal. He would behave, and we would sit in the very front. To this day, our children (my last baby turned 15 last Sunday) behave beautifully in church and we sit in the very front. :)
    I love your random facts. I would love to share my own, but I was supposed to be in bed three hours ago. Oops! But, I will respond to your request about the names of new books from I don't know how long ago!. Did you recommend the book, 'A God-shaped Hole'? If not, it is wonderful. I'm halfway through. If you did, Thank you so much! I am still planning on working on sharing my own favorites, but it's still on my list of things to do. I would love to share my facebook status with you from Monday. It was a status about my baby turning 15. I was amazed that it was not gibberish, and actually conveyed my true feelings eloquently. I know that your tribute to your boys on their 15th birthdays won't be the same as mine, but I see it as much a function of individuality as anything else. I see so much love, and joy, and promise in the photos of them, that I get warm fuzzies all over. I also know that whoever they are when that day comes, your heart too will be bursting with pride and joy in who they are. And, they will BE SOMEONES!! And, it will be because of all your hard work and love, and those much needed breaks that allow EVERY mom take a deep breath and start all over again with patience and love.
    Thank you again, for being my muse. YOU ARE AWESOME!!!

  3. Thanks! #4- I am out here reading!

  4. Love Bravo! Do you watch Top Chef? We recently got rid of cable and switched to Hulu so I've been binge watching Top Chef. I'm kind of bummed though because I've almost caught up.

    Obessed with q-tips too! I love cleaning my almost four year old's ears too but he hates it.

    Love your blog. I don't always comment but I do always read. :)

    Any recipes you want to share? Always looking for something new to make. My recent new recipes have been kind of failures...

    1. I mostly grill! And try random Pioneer woman recipes or google something I like to eat- Like my most recent fave was from googling- how to make CPK BBQ chicken chop salad. It has Basil! And cilantro!!! And I love Top Chef!!!

  5. You may well have already read this, but since you are a Breaking Bad fan, I just had to share this hilarious post from Momastery: My husband and I watched the whole series this summer, and this absolutely cracked me up.

    ps - Thanks for the video about Starbucks - my cousin frequently posts pictures on Facebook of the names they put on her cups, which are nothing like her actual name (not even misspelled - just completely different names!).

  6. I love your blog! You are amazing. Such a tough job raising boys with a added challenges! I have six healthy grandchildren and show gratitude for that everyday. I am a brutally honest person and I have such respect for you being honest. Keep up the good works. Oh and haters hate and that's why we have delete options!

  7. Haha! Qtips do feel good! Im with you on that one.
    I was wondering about the garbage collector... i think his name was he your husband? sorry if that's personal but i just started wondering since im relatively new here.

    1. Frank is our garbage collector. You can read about our story at the top under the tab grey + trash truck. My husband is Michael and he just pulls the cans to the curb:-)

  8. We're so twinsie ;) I LOVE Friends! Best.Show.Ever.
    I do feel like a stalker sometimes, I am quite the serial commenter. But, I want you to know I'm out here & reading & nodding & laughing & thinking
    Love & happiness to you sweet Momma xoxo Miracle

  9. Random facts for ya:
    1. Well, 11-letter words bug me. Promulgated, Embarcadero & fantastical (to name a few).
    2. I have OCD tendencies with the library. We belong to three and keeping track of the books is my obsession. We've never had any late fees and I'm just a freak about it.
    3. I've been baptized three times.
    a. First time I had no say because I was a baby - Catholic.
    b. The second time, I accidentally got baptized once when I was 11. Long story, but my mom cursed out the church over the phone and ripped up all the paperwork, so I'm no longer Baptist. After that, I was no longer allowed to go to church with friends or get on funny looking buses painted like the Partridge Family Bus.
    4. I love doing laundry.
    5. I treat thrifting like a sport. I want to come in first place for the mid-century furniture scouting prize. Is there one? I sure hope so.

    Love & miss you, friend.

  10. 3 (c). Oh, the third time I got baptized I was 19 and I became mormon to belong, fit in with some friends. Piss off my dad and make my grandma happy.

  11. Fun post. Love your blog! Never stop!

  12. Chrissy--- keep on writing because we are out here and we are reading! I adore your blog. It's real. It's raw. And it's relatable. The weight of life can be heavy at times and it's good to be able to share it. Knowing that others are struggling too helps get me through the day sometimes. So please keep sharing. Your words are a gift.

    p.s. Trash Truck Wednesday ROCKS!!! I shed many tears as I watched the NBC Nightly News segment and my heart fills up every time you blog about it. Trash Truck Wednesday is Life at its best!

  13. I don't really like holidays either. That makes me feel anti-human but I really, really don't like them. I've got two special needs kiddos also and holidays totally freak them out. Everyone's all happy and noisy and "isn't it all so festive" and I sit there saying "let's get this over with before he throws a shit fit over all the noise and chaos." The shit fit usually happens first. I also dislike the people that stare and I can feel them whispering "I don't know how she does it." And wheelchairs and holidays suck bad. No one has a house that accommodates a wheelchair

    I'm glad you don't really like holidays either. I feel a little less alone now.

  14. my random fact - i still have my care bear from when i was little (funshine bear) when i moved to canada 10 years ago i got really homesick and called my mum in england and sobbed that I needed her to send my bear RIGHT AWAY. I had already lived away from home 3 years and not brought him or even thought of it but at that moment I had to have my care bear. when he arrived in the mail i was so happy. he's in my daughter's toybox now but when i have a 'im completely losing it' moment hugging that care bear helps! i generally dont share this info i know it sounds loopy but honestly, i swear that bear has kind eyes. and now i'm so embarassed by everything i've typed but im going to hit publish anyway :)

    1. I've been called "Ker Ber" as a nickname and someone painted me a bucket for the dorm (to take shampoo etc. to the showers) with that on it.

  15. I'm SO GLAD YOU DID. And not a bit of it sounds loopy. I completely understand. I swear I think I had funshine bear too. I'll have to ask my mom!!!

  16. Those are very interesting! I can only imagine how shocked you were when the cops came knocking on your door for a routine drug inspection. Well, too bad you still have that unpaid speeding ticket when they checked your place. Hopefully that was quickly settled soon after. Anyways, thanks for sharing!

    Norma Richards @ Just Bail Bonds