Thursday, October 2, 2014

perfect peanut butter world

In the perfect world the most popular diet would be called The All Carb Diet. If that was such thing- I would totally rock it. Wait- is peanut butter a carb? Peanut butter absolutely MUST be on this diet. Sometimes I day dream about peanut butter. Okay- so I just asked Google if peanut butter was a carb and he said that it is considered a fat- not a carb, even though it has carbs... so I think that means we are okay.

Also, I use the pronoun "he" when referring to google because it's never answered "I don't know" to any question I've ever asked --even if it CLEARLY doesn't know the answer. And in case it isn't clear- Siri, the gal who pops into my phone when I press something wrong (I don't know how to summon her spirit but I do it all the time by mistake)- well, she's a girl because she says, "Sorry I didn't get that."

 photo photo9_zpsd55fa604.png
Totally a girl.

I was watching a video today on how to be a good writer. The speaker says you have to state WHAT your essay is about and HOW it applies to your reader upfront- to suck the reader in. I'm so sorry- not only do I not do that- I don't even think it is possible for me. I don't always know what I'm writing as I write it. I don't make sense to myself sometimes. I don't know how that applies to you. If you often to not always to not like make sense, and frequently go on numerous tangents and frequently forget what you are talking about while people are staring at you politely waiting for you to finish and sometimes you get not only the date but the year wrong than this is for you. Welcome Friend. 

Well, we did it! At least we almost did it. We made it through another week. You did it. You got up every morning aching to hit snooze. Maybe you even did a few times. But you still got up, you got ready, you made it all happen- Life. Got yourself and maybe even other tiny humans fed and ready to do life. Every single day. You enriched and soothed, challenged and gave up, taught and learned. Loved and appreciated. You tried your best- whatever your best was at that moment. And most importantly- you tried and tried again- every damn day. Can we all just start clapping together right now? Let go of the guilt. The fear you didn't give enough or do it the right way. All of us did plenty of things wrong every damn day this week. I think we all cancel each other out. Besides, it doesn't matter. You don't have time or any good reason for guilt. Now you should simply celebrate. You made it through Another 5 days of hell and bliss and laughter and exhaustion. We are alive. Look around you right now- you have so much to be happy about.

We have almost survived the week with Michael out of town. I couldn't have done it without the help from our awesome sitters. Two and a half hours of alone time during the witching hour cures EVERYTHING. The crazy thing is that each day got easier and easier as we started to find my grove. That's true with everything hard. We fear it, we dread it. And then it ends up not being so hard. And when it's hard we say to ourselves- I told you so! And when it's easy we say- maybe this ain't so bad. Most importantly- we are doing it and we are doing it SO MUCH BETTER than we give ourselves credit for. Why are you so hard on yourself? Aren't we all just doing the best we can with what we have?

This morning I got the boys to Behavior Therapy on time- which is considered early in my book. For all of us morning and chaos and drop off is hard. Picking them up is my favorite.

 photo _MG_1801_zps03477524.jpg
I love the second when Doodle realizes I'm in the room. His face explodes into happy. It's the best serotonin rush I've ever known.

 photo _MG_1806_zps7cf70f41.jpg
I love my time alone, and I also love the moment when we are first back together again. After therapy I took the boys for a healthy little organic root vegetable snack...

 photo photo4_zps926c6e79.jpg

 photo photo5_zps8a30d506.jpg

In fact today I was even kind of AMAZING, thanks to this stuff.

 photo _MG_1796_zps148b837c.jpg

This stuff is the stuff. I was even able to scrub tubs and do laundry today. I can't believe I've never had this before- IT IS A MOTHERING GAME CHANGER. Everyone who has had it- I can't believe you aren't spreading it like a religion everywhere you go. I swear there must be ephedrine hidden in there. From 7:00 am until 4:30pm I am constantly caffeinating. I can have three venti espresso Starbucks drinks in one day and not even feel it. You can feel this stuff in your toes and today I only had a half cup of the concentrate! (One part coffee, two parts water or milk). Purchased from Trader Joe's. I would like to publicly thank cold pressed coffee for the assist all day long. A special thank you to Melissa for sharing Pioneer Woman's Cold Pressed Coffee recipe (It's the easiest thing to make in the world). And NO WONDER she's Pioneer Woman now!!!!! She drinks this liquid crack. YOU JUST WAIT- Soon I'll be homeschooling and sewing and cooking up a storm too. 

Ok friend, I'm off to go get peanut buttered. 

Big Hugs,



  1. I LOVE that you used peanut butter as a verb!!!

  2. Such a great reminder that we tried our best with what he had in that moment is just fine. Thankyou:)

  3. Lol... Thank you for making me laugh and putting a smile on my face. Happy Friday! You're the best! XOXO

  4. Twinsies! I LOVE peanut butter foreverandeveramen! Ironic my son has a peanut allergy...I hope he grows out of it!
    Ok, so I will just give myself a lowercase f fail for sending my son to school in a shirt from the unwashed laundry pile yesterday. I totally did! I could have sworn his gym shirt was clean Wednesday night when I got home from dinner & drinks with a girlfriend and did not want to do laundry. Swear.
    Good grief cue the Barry Manilow - Looks Like We Made it! How YOU doin Friday? ;)
    Happy weekend. Love & happiness to you sweet momma xoxo Miracle

    1. NOOO NOT F for F. A FOR IMPROVISING. Or maybe I for improvising. FOR REAL. I forget to brush Parker's teeth ALL THE TIME. I finally decided I just was going to try to be better but STOP feeling like such an ass for not doing it!!! Peanut butter + John Mayber lyrics- John Mayer the actual guy. TWINSIES FOR SURE.

  5. So funny!!! Love your part about the liquid crack and pioneer woman! Don't you often wonder what they must be on to get all of that crap done and still look amazing? Ha! I can't drink strong coffee, but may have to try this. Thanks for making me smile this morning!

  6. You gave me a huge daily smile as well. I am glad you did well without Michael, you are stronger then you realize. I have used the excuse, thought, and maybe feared a little - getting up before work to exercise. I have now woke up two mornings in a row (it is a start) and got a DVD done, showered, and made it to work on time. I made it until bedtime last night, without crashing. I think I may actually survive & thrive with this whole getting up an hour earlier thing! I have dreaded for years! All, in achieving that "strong physical" woman, I said I "dreamed" of being. Thanks! - Janet W

  7. Thank you Chrissy, this is exactly what I needed! I was feeling the obsessive guilt kick in a lot this week for some reason. Thank you for your wise reminder to enjoy this moment and celebrate.

  8. I need to go to Tradder joes ASAP.

  9. ohhhhh, WHY don't i drink coffee?????!!! right...because it tastes like tar. Damn.

    As always, you made me laugh Chrissy, and I love you.

    Also, to the mom above who felt guilty for the dirty gym shirt - if you only knew all of the times when I would hold up and compare dirty shirts for the least dirty one. It's helping the environment! ;)


  10. I can feel your caffeine high in this post. It made me smile.