Monday, November 24, 2014

lazy weekend

The weekend was filled with PJ's, pancakes and fun.

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In fact on Saturday I let Greyson keep his pajamas on all day. At 6pm we just switched him to a fresh pair. He works so dang hard Monday through Friday that he deserves a break from reality just as much as I do.

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I FINALLY found the right recipe for my FAVORITE kind of chocolate chip cookies. (Chewy and flat). HERE it is.  That Martha Stewart really knows what she's doing. 

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So I did some baking too.

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Until I ran out of sugar.

And a few weeks ago I shared this story on Facebook. 

Grey spotted the carousel from the parking lot. "Hose" he said. He barely speaks- so when he asks for something I rarely say no. There was a quarter jammed in the machine and it wouldn't work. I was urgently using my keys to Macgyver the money out. I wouldn't leave that damn parking lot until he rode this horse. A homeless man walked up to us and I tensed. I was holding my wallet and I knew he was going to ask me for money. "Do you need help?" He asked. "No thanks," I replied keeping my head down. "Do you need a quarter?" He asked digging into his pocket. I couldn't believe it. He was offering me money. I was so wrong before. I humbly smiled up at him- "No, we are good. But thank you so so much." My eyes filled with tears. I hear you God. We are the same- that man and I. Do not judge. You never know who God is going to show up as in your life.

Today we finally went back to ride that horse. I think he has asked for  it every single day since then. 

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Sometimes happiness is free, and sometimes it costs fifty cents.

Hope you have a great short week. It's crazy just how much we all have to be THANKFUL for.




  1. I love this post. Happy thanksgiving to you and your family. You deserve it. I was thinking a lot about you, Greyson, and Parker this morning after watching a TED talk by an amazing girl with Autism. I thought about sending it along to you to watch but decided you have probably been sent the link a thousand times over by now.

  2. your blog makes me feel exhilarated but also so humble. Your love for your beautiful boys shines through a grey day like an enchanted sun beam. Thank you so much. Blessings

  3. The picture of Parker with the dog!! The best! I think I need to go get my boys a dog after seeing that picture!

  4. Love this!!! But I love all your posts. You are so incredibly talented at sharing your story!