Wednesday, March 18, 2015

pizza and awareness

Vintage Life with Grey.

Today was my first day out of bed in two days. Sinus infection. Grrrrrr. My bones are starting to come back to life. Man was it so nice to be in bed though. I want to share a vintage life with grey + parker post from the day Greyson was diagnosed with autism. For some of you it will be a new read. It still makes me cry when I get to the part that says , "So world..."

So much of life's good shows up as unexpected. Except pizza. I vividly recall being pregnant with Parker. First- our announcement picture of Mr. Greyson...

 photo IMG_3742_zpsrhrfuian.jpg

So, back to being pregnant. We ordered pizza and I was hangry. My half: mushrooms. Michael's half: Hawaiian. I grabbed the pizza out of Michael's hands while he was still conversing with the pizza guy. I run to the coffee table and sit down as I open the lid to reveal....


Michael walks in and I start to cry. (REAL TEARS). "What's wrong?" He asks fearfully. "Did they get it wrong?"

"THEY USE CANNED MUSHROOMS", I say, referring to said mushrooms as a dog shit equivalent. I can't handle canned mushrooms but it actually made pregnant me homicidal.

"Can't you just take the mushrooms off?" Michael flippantly asks as if it's NO BIG DEAL and my life isn't ruined. So I start grabbing the disgusting slimy little bastards to remove them- but they bring ALL the cheese with them. So then I just start grabbing ALL of my pizza half's topping by the handful, THROWING it on the lid of the pizza box while I am CRYING and saying, "Why would they use canned mushrooms? They used fresh mushrooms before. I (curse word) HATE canned mushrooms,"

"Do you want some of mine while we wait for a new one?" Michael asks, phone in hand already dialing the pizza joint. "I HATE HAWAIIAN!!!" I scold him. "Canned fruit on pizza is WORSE than canned mushrooms." (How dare he ask). Michael is on the phone with the pizza place by now explaining what happened and I am YELLING in the background, (YELLING) "Make sure you tell him I'm pregnant. Tell him I'm pregnant. Please tell him to hurry. Make sure you let him know I'm pregnant."

So that. That unexpected didn't turn out good but that story is in the minority. I thought of it because I got Tomato Bique (blah) instead of Cream of Chicken and wild rice (yum) soup tonight and I didn't even cry. (I wanted to). So next time life hands you a curse ball, handle it with grace (unlike me) and just wait for it to turn into good.

Oh yes, and THE POST I wrote almost three years ago today. 

Big fat hugs,



  1. amazing post... the mushrooms (hilarious, especially your husband's "fearful" look!) and the earlier post about g's diagnosis day. just amazing, and thank you for sharing it! sending you lots of love and diversity and bubbles and hugs...

  2. Leo was diagnosed "unofficially" on my 31st birthday. I remember the day perfectly. I had hoped too that they were going to tell me "he's just a kid. Ira because he couldn't hear and the ear tubes will fix everything". I still feel the same way sometimes. Hugs. Oh, and I love canned mushrooms on me n eds pizza lol