Wednesday, June 27, 2018


I want to challenge the way you think about the world and the people in it. I want to challenge the way you think about you. I want you to accept your own differences because only then can you truly and whole-souledly appreciate the different in others. I want you to examine what your eyes see as winning or perfect or enviable or beautiful or smart or productive or successful. We’ve been hard wired to believe some pretty messed up stuff about what matters. Don’t define yourself with the things you don’t love about yourself. You are so much more than that. Get quiet with you soul, slow down, and listen to your feelings- the ones that don’t lie.  Listen to the smaller, authentic voice that says you are glorious and strong and here on earth for a reason, and know that the most enviable things about you as defined by others, would absolutely be things that also make you different. 

Love your different. The mucky parts. The parts you think are supposed to be kept hidden. The parts you think are too much or not enough. 

We are simmering into Summer. I can not believe it's the end of June. In five minutes, folks will be sharing back to school pics on Social Media, so I am paying attention to the moments to slow down time. I'm not going to complain about the heat, I'm just gonna Summer my face off. 

Here are some scenes from Summer...

A super cute photo op at a good friends birthday party.

Parker looks like he was here for a nap. He must have been so confused by my antics. "Lay down! Look up! But stay down!"

 Unprompted eye contact from both my boys stops my heart for just a second, every time. I'm afraid to exhale or move and end the moment. 

He has 4,000 different facial expressions. Some hilarious and some so serious. He also has the longest eyelashes.

For years he wouldn't wear goggles. Nope, not interested, so I didn't push it. Last month friends came over to swim and they all wore goggles. The very next day Grey brought a pair of goggles over to me and said, "help," he wanted them on. And now he wears them every day. Peers can teach my boys things that I never could as a mom. It's remarkable all the little tiny baby steps I've seen my boys take because of peers.

This is his, "I am up to no good" face.

And this is his, "I'm happy it's Summer" face. It's 6:48 pm and time for one last swim for the day, so I'll sign off. What are you and your people up to this Summer?

So much Love,


  1. love these amazing photos!!

  2. OMG, Greyson looks so much like his Dad! And of course, Parker looks like you. But that one photo of Greyson?! Mini-Michael! :)

  3. OK- seriously- your kids should be models!! They are so gorgeous!

  4. We are swimming a ton as well, just in out 6 X 10 kiddie pool on the deck. Greyson's super hero picture is so great! Gives me great picture goals!