Monday, January 7, 2019


You were always here to welcome us home. 

I despise using past tense to talk about you, Belle. But Jack was waiting for you in heaven and it was time. In just a five day span, we had to say goodbye to both of our dogs. 

Our house is too quiet and empty without you, but I feel better knowing you are with your precious sidekick. I miss the click of your nails on the hardwood floors and the clink of your dog tags on your water bowl.

Jack was a just few months old, and he was devastated every time we left the house. He wouldn’t even eat the treats he usually snarfed down, because he was just too sad. So we got you to keep him company. At first your presence made Jack was even more sad. (Ha!) He was like a firstborn child when a new baby is brought home. After a couple of weeks he warmed up to you. And you’ve been a constant duo ever since. Your role in life was the bringer of joy, and that you did in spades my Belly. 

I see myself in your curiosity for all things, your neuroticness, and how you think everything is yours to fix and stress over and control. You were the pack leader. 

You are a daddies girl. I won't past tense that one. It's forever. 

We never even had to potty train you. You didn’t have any accidents in your early days. You were so smart. So stubborn. So amazing. In a way, I think all dogs are rescue dogs, because they rescue us from the hardest parts of life. And life is so very hard sometimes. They help us focus on what matters. They help us notice the simple and profound beauty all around us.

You welcomed home Greyson and Parker, 22 months apart. (Parker pictured, 2 days old).

You helped me potty train. You were such a good little momma.

 You were always there. 

And without you, we are lost. I will miss your head tilt. Your expressive eyes and eyebrows. The way you always guarded the boys. Wherever they were- so were you. (Especially if they had food.)

As long as we search, we will never find another Belle. There will never be another Belle. Albert Pike said “What we do for ourselves dies with us. What we do for others and the world remains and is immortal.”

You and Jack gave so much to our family. Immeasurable patience and unconditional love. A warm welcome every single time we came home. You were our family and your absence will be felt daily. You were a healer, a therapist, a pillow, a tear catcher and licker, a food off the floor eater, a sunbather, a door greeter, a joy bringer, a protector, a soulmate, a friend. Your gifts and your spirit are immortal. 

So many jobs, just one title - Dog. God spelled backwards. No coincidence. Of course dogs go to Heaven. How could it be Heaven without them?

I know one day you and Jack will be ready to greet us in Heaven when it's time. Until then, we will miss you like crazy.

So much love,


  1. heartbroken for you and your family. Belle was a special doggie. She is at peace now with Jack. Hugs to all.

  2. Belle and Jack were two of a kind. Love all the adorable pics. Glad Charlie came along to help you to heal and love again.

  3. Beautiful Belle. Love the precious photos that capture how special she was.

  4. So happy that you found new friends to love as much as you loved Belle and Jack. xoxo

  5. I found your post while looking for John Dickerson's article in the Atlantic yesterday, "Every Dog is a Rescue Dog." I was happy I got lost and ended up here. Belle and Jack seemed lovely, and they are all lovely, right?

    My wife and I merged out families when we got together 5 years ago, she brought Marseille ( a Pekingese) and Mason( a King Charles Spaniel), and I had Mosby, a sweet, gentle pittie, and we thought they'd be with us as we built a home and raised some kids, even the holdest should have had 7 or 8 years left . . . We devastatingly lost all three of them in successive years, 2018, 2019, and 2020, two to cancer, and the last to a heart condition. It sucks losing a dog, it's like losing a family member, and society doesn't let you grieve. When Mosby died, it had already been a hard run, stomach cancer, force feeding him liquified meat with a syringe just to try and keep some meat on his bones in the hopes that the treatment would work. I took him for a "last adventure" up in the mountains a week before he went, and he was still full of excitement and wonder . . . we should have had more of those walks in the woods. Years of them, he was only 4. We finally admitted defeat after a long night of vomiting everything we tried to get in him. My sweet boy and nothing left of him.

    "She will always be a a daddy's girl." Ah that got me. Those beautiful moments, the joy they bring us, the love we give them. These will always be there, an example for all of us of what can and should be between everyone . . .

    Anyway, I'm all teary now lol. Thanks for sharing Jack and Belle with us, they will not be forgotten :)