Sunday, February 7, 2010

Army Crawl

Today was a day that will go down in Greyson Kelly history. Today you became, kinda sorta, almost, soon to The day we've been excitedly waiting for, maybe even dreading a little too.
You've been teasing us for at least a month now. You get up on all fours and just rock. I sit and stare, silent as to not distract you, holding my this it? is he going to crawl now?! Until today, the answer was always a no. Sometimes even a "HECK NO! Get me off my tummy woman!"
A friend with a baby three weeks older than you told me that her baby started crawling because he was dieing to get his hands on these toy balls that belonged to his older brother. I thought- I don't know if that would work for Greyson because he doesn't really go ga-ga over anything. The only thing I could think of were pretzels. Sure, you aren't eating solid foods yet, you don't have teeth, and you certainly can't eat pretzels, but sometimes, I let you suck on a pretzel or two. Man can't live off milk and puree alone, right? Well tonight, I set the bait. A pretzel lieing in front of you on the living room floor. The world stopped as you, Greyson Michael Kelly figured out how to propel yourself forward to claim your prize. The grin on my face hasn't worn off.
So many firsts for us tonight. First crawl for you and the first taste of pure delicious motherly pride for me.
I love you, buddy.

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