Thursday, February 4, 2010

RSV, no p

Dad started work this week in Fresno. For awhile it's going to be you and me, Monday through Friday, kiddo. I was long dreading this week. So afraid I couldn't be enough or do enough with him gone. I questioned myself over and over in my mind. Suddenly February came- his start date-- and I knew I had no choice but to embrace it. Monday went by in a blur, when I woke up I realized that my cold had changed into a sinus infection. The next thing I know it was Tuesday. I picked you up from school and one of the teachers pointed to a notice, informing the parents that there was an exposure of RSV (a viral respiratory infection). At once, I knew you had it. Your eyes looked glassy and you had been coughing more than usual the restless evening before.
We drove directly to your Dr. (thanks to Dad for calling ahead for us) where it was confirmed.
RSV- no more school for you for the week.
What?! I thought we'd go crazy- stuck at home, 24/7.
Now it is Thursday, and I can honestly say, being at home is so much easier than I had expected.
I mean--yes, it's really hard work- but it's so amazing--being with you. Nursing you back to health. We are inseparable, you and me, and I love it. Your lungs crackle like rice crispies when you inhale, but your spirits are high and your smiles are as frequent as ever.
This morning you awoke with chatter at 7am. With my eyes still closed I thought, "PLEASE...Just a few more minutes of sleep..." I finally opened my eyes, ready to pout about the way too early call time and all I see is you and your face, realizing I am awake and sporting a grin as big as the sun.
We're gonna do just fine as long as we're together and I'm overwhelmed by just how much I love you.

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