Wednesday, May 26, 2010

I really like Animal Crackers. I mean really really like them. They have to be a certain kind--not the crumbly they have to be crisp, light golden in color and taste like vanilla heaven. I only let myself indulge in them for my nighttime snack- because if I started eating them in the middle of the day, I'd never stop. I romance each cookie...thoughtlessly popping each leg into my mouth goes the head....and then finishing with the body.
I've never met anyone that likes Animal Crackers as much as me........until now....

Something else I find amazing...the expressions that find their way onto your face. You have at least a million, yet every day are still coming up with new ones that amaze me. Some of them are very serious. Some of them are hysterically silly. In one, you squish your entire face up in a smile that goes from the top of your head to the bottom, you squish your face so much that you can't breath through your nose---but it doesn't stop you from you're left with the smiley squishy face making this fantastic snorty noise. I wish I could showcase them all for you on here. There's no way my camera could even capture them because the next thing I know I grab my camera and then something catches your eye and you are on to expression number 3, 674.
Some of my favorites....

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