Monday, May 24, 2010

It's always better when we're together...

We're so lucky to live in a time and a place where there's so many places we can go together. Kid friendly is my new favorite phrase. It's funny how priorities when I think about where we should go out to dinner on a Friday night my first thought is- Do they have highchairs?
You are conveniently pint sized and ready to take anywhere, my little snackpack, Greyson. I can jog with you--thanks to our great and fancy stroller. I can and have taken you to church, the mall, the grocery store, the beach, an airplane, the dog park...I could go on and on. Today we added a new one to the list. You and I went to Mommy & Me Yoga at a place called Yoga Works. I wasn't sure what to expect. I payed my $22 dollars and collected my blue borrowed yoga mat. There were 7 other momma/baby duos. The babies age ranged from 11 weeks to 5 months- and then there was YOU, my Force of Nature, can't stay still for a second, little 11 1/2 month old tornado. You immediately began crawling on the vast bamboo flooring, darting from place to place. I was already getting a work out- collecting you from all over the room. We went around the room, introduced ourselves and our littles. I let the instructor know that you are not a fan of staying still (all the other babies were young and content to lie on their back while staring at the ceiling coo'ing.) She told me that you were free to roam the room- go hog wild. I was envisioning the hurricane of You, blasting into a little half your size and I grew nervous.
The beginning of the class was yoga just for Moms. I tried to stretch my rusty limbs but found myself focusing on You and where You were....the instructor kept looking at me, looking at You. She said to me- "He's fine. It's OK", so I tried to let go...a little. Strrreeettttccccchhhhh- I spy Greyson shaking a rattle near a little baby girl...I'm thinking, "Please, don't hit her with that rattle." You got a little close for comfort and the girl's momma gently corrected you...I began to feel home. You see, this isn't the first time "we" have done yoga. For months we did prenatal yoga together on Wednesday nights.
It's so much fun to experience so many firsts with you, every single day.

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