Friday, August 20, 2010


Summer is the best time of year. Certainly one of my favorites. The sun stays out late to make time for more adventures. This Summer has been monumental for the Kelly Family. I look back on our Summer and I sigh....cuz it was good....and wonder what kind of beauty Fall will bring our way. Whatever it is, you know it will be good, because we'll be together.
This summer was beautiful because in June we were all reunited again. I got to stay home with you. We moved to Fresno. You learned to swim- actually who am I kidding- you are a natural- I think you always knew- you just got to actually show us...Photobucketyou learned to walk...and talk....almost...if momma, and dadda and wow count. Which they do.
We go on walks every day and soak it all up- the heat, the beauty, the birds. We taste our favorite fresh bread at Great Harvest- you and I could both survive on Cinnamon Chip bread alone..
Next weekend we will go for a trip down memory lane and visit our old digs in Hermosa.

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