Sunday, August 22, 2010

itty bitty road trip

Next week we are traveling to our old home in Hermosa, so today we took a little mini-road trip to prepare you...and ourselves... OK- we had a slight ulterior motive since we also happened to go to the outlet malls.
It started out OK. You and I sat in the back and watched our Baby Einstein for the 3,487 th time. We rode a helicopter ride as soon as we made it to the outlet which really set the day out on the right foot. PhotobucketI guess I should find it unsurprising that a budding, "I just learned to walk- so lemme try these legs out!" toddler should hate shopping for clothes. B-O-R-I-N-G.
After about an hour and a half you were OVER IT. Photobucket We were sneaking up on nap time and we still have our one hour drive home. Not to mention Michael and I forget to bring and/or feed you lunch. Ah ha! Now you know... we're not perfect. You didn't seem to mind too much as you sucked the cinnamon and sugar off of a pretzel. Hmmmm......sounds like a nutritious meal, fit for a 14 month old to me.
Like I've said before, even when things aren't perfect, they are perfect for us. We went home, you napped and all that was sad was forgotten as you played with the hose. My kind of day...Photobucket/div>Photobucket

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