Friday, February 4, 2011

On Sunday, June 7th 2009 there was a full moon. Not surprising since the whole day was full of magic.
Little Company of Mary, Torrance was chock full of expectant mother's going into labor that day. The OBGYN on call that delivered you, Dr. Donna Richey, delivered a total of - I think- 5 babies that day.
Science has attempted to give the phenomenon explanation...
"It's called the lunar effect, and, as far as births are concerned, the primary explanation for the effect focuses on the moon's gravitational pull. It basically states that much the way the moon's gravity controls the tides, it can control a woman's body. The human body is 80 percent water, after all. And, given that both menstruation and ovulation roughly follow a lunar cycle -- occurring on a monthly basis -- it doesn't seem too far off to think that the moon could have a say in childbirth as well."

Me? I call it magic, and I wouldn't have expected you to enter the world in any other way.

Flash forward to almost 2 years later. We excitedly await the arrival of sweet "Baby B" (until we can come up with and agree on a name). I'm almost 29 weeks along and I've yet to really unpack my box of much needed pregnancy clothes from the garage, so clearly we are running just a bit behind schedule.

Sometimes the whole "pack" goes on a sunset walk when Dad gets home from work. You, me, Dad, Jack and Belle stomp the pavement and talk about the day. You point out all the trucks you see.
We come home and play outside for a little while til dinner.
When it's time for you to come in you melt. Your scream can probably be heard in Missouri. Soon it will be Summer, and days will be longer, and that means outside time will get longer too.

Goody gumdrops to all of that.

And here's another one of you, my little table-climbing, molar-getting monkey.
Oh sweet divine...

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