Thursday, January 6, 2011

You are the Greatest Thing about me

When you were in my belly I truly had no idea what to expect. The book, "What to Expect" doesn't tell you bunk about really being a momma or a daddy. It can't be described in words because they haven't yet been invented. Real Motherhood has to be felt from your toes to your face and can never ever be read in a book. It oozes out with each dirty diaper, with each visit to the pediatrician for shots, with each fall or scrape, with each feverish night, with each smile, with each time you grab my face and look at me like I'm the world and the moon and the stars and mac and cheese rolled into one lady. Real motherhood changes every cell in your being in an instant and changes the entire world too- in one magical push. I truly had no idea what to expect. Not like someone going to Bermuda for the first time would say, "I have no idea what to expect." Unless they got to Bermuda and up was left and right was mashed potatoes and people weren't people, but giant cats that spoke in diamonds and pudding. I've heard it referred to as your heart beating outside your chest....I guess that's a little closer, that plus like a million and fifty other things that when brought together creates the juicy, ripe goodness of being a mom.

Today one of the guys installing the solar on our house knocked on the door to let me know that they had to turn the power off- but "probably not for more than an hour" as he casually waved his hand to emphasize the not a big deal-ness of it. That's hilarious, I thought. Clearly he doesn't think an hour is a long time- but I bet he would if I invited him in for the hour so he could spend that 60 minutes entertaining you while I went out to get my nails done.

We decided an impromptu trip to Chuck E Cheese was in order. Photobucket

Despite the fact that it was 40 degrees in Fresno, I wore flip flops in January. It was 65 in Hermosa, and that's close enough-right? (I need to take off the Hermosa weather on my phone because it just makes me mad when I look at it.)

You dug the joint. How could you not when you were welcomed by a Greyson-sized truck upon arrival?
Photobucket You were totally digging it, until I inserted a token and it started going all wonky on you. Then you really wanted to get out.PhotobucketPhotobucket
We found some other, more enjoyable things for you to do, which included raiding each table for the salt and pepper shaker.PhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucket
I spy mom in the mirror...
I spy my little boy sucking on a disease infested window...Photobucket
You're your own little, independant person, and I can't describe how much fun it is to watch happen.

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