Thursday, February 24, 2011

We are basking in the glow of doing nothing-ness today.
Week 31 of the baby making magic, and I know that one day soon the 40 weeks will be a faint memory and I will struggle to recall the sweet little details and the days filled with nothingness because when I say "nothing" I mean that in a chock full of low-key good, real stuff sort of way.

2 more months. My head fills with thoughts... You meeting him for the first time. What expression will you make? Will I be nervous? Will you know to be gentle with him? Will I be able to hug you hard enough and snuggle you close enough so that you feel that enormous love I have for in a way that lets you know that even though you will share me, you are still mine, all mine, and I am all yours. The past two years with you have been soul shaping magic.

There's so much new happening in your world. We bought some flashcards for you to learn so you can toss around some new words, besides truck of course. New words flow...."pig", "dog", "baby", "keys".

Getting a picture of the following has been like getting one of the loch ness monster. I've tried numerous times,because it happens daily, but intrinsically you seem to know that I am coming toward you with the camera and you abruptly start something new. This is future girlfriend blackmail stuff.


Ok, while I'm on the topic of embarrassing stuff...While you were napping the other day I snuck a look at you on the monitor, only to find this...
Confused, and laughing I tried to piece together what had happened. It was a little warm out and you had on a pair of jeans. As I put you down for your nap, I thought you may be more comfy without your pants. Boy, was I right. After I left your room you obviously decided you didn't even need the diaper anymore. (we later found the aforementioned diaper on the floor by your crib- exactly where you must have thrown it.)
I love my little Naked Napper.

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