Thursday, March 3, 2011

Super Sap

You know you're superbly hormonal when, while driving on the first warm and sunny day in way, way too long, you roll the windows down, listen to Celine Dion, "My Heart Goes On" and you get a little....umm...well, uh weepy.
Oh well, I guess I can't apologize for it.
I looked at you in my rear view mirror in your car seat, and my heart swelled and soared at the sight of you. You were adorably contently lost- viewing your Yo Gabba Gabba video, oblivious to my ridiculousness display in the front seat.

I am soaking up my last few months alone with you. Days that will fly by and slowly drag, all at once. I hold you with extra special purpose and love you just a little longer and a little louder than usual, which was super long and super loud to begin with.

You make me smile. We sat outside in the bright and sunny 60 degree sun this morning and simmered in our backyard bliss. I continue to be amazed by the fact that one day, I guess recently, I don't know, You became a little boy. The baby slowly but swiftly fell away and I am in awe. You magically know how to play with all your cars....sometimes they even get car noises to go with them. They drive up tables and chairs and sometimes even Mommas.

You "read" your books....point at a picture and look up at Dad or I, and your eyes ask, "what's this" and we reply..."Monkey". "Motorcycle". "Baby". And lately, more and more often- you tell us what the picture is. Always, "Truck" or "Boat", "Keys".

Today is a day that screams for sidewalk chalk and Popsicles and forgotten baths and extended bedtimes. Spring is backstage now, ready to make her beautiful debut. I think that Baby Parker even loved the sun. I snuck in a few moments in our lounge chair, basking in the warm golden goodness, belly exposed, and Parker moved and adjusted like crazy so that the sun could wrap itself around him like a blanket, and he could just bask.

32 weeks down. 8 more 'til we get to meet Baby Parker. We are so excited.
Baby Bump shadows are my favorite.
Warm days like today make me think that anything is possible....makes me think that the silly things I worry about- really are silly...makes me think that this life--complete with a beautiful round belly and a backyard and not one but two dogs, and one little curly-haired beautiful boy that plays with his trucks is golden, liquid magic.
I'm so grateful that today I can see all the wonder and divinity in the little things that make our life so enchanted and all I can do is drink it all in.

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