Thursday, September 1, 2011


From everything I've read and heard, ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorders) children could truly benefit from a Gluten Free (Wheat, Oats, Barley, Rye Proteins), Casein Free (milk protein- Dairy), Soy Free Diet (GF/CF/SF). What does that leave, you ask?

Air and ice I think. Look up GF/CF/SF in the Dictionary and it says, "Fricking Impossible and Expensive". Since the Science is too compelling, we have no choice but to try and we will try anything and stop at nothing for you Greyson.

91% of all children that go on this type of diet show vast improvements, namely in speech and behavior. I read story after story after story of miracles and significant break throughs experienced on this diet. My sweet boy can't tell me when he is thirsty....his lips are chapped heart breaks. I need him to speak.

And so we bend and we stretch and we try new things for the hope of tomorrow. At first, just Greyson will go on this diet.

Goodbye Cheesy Love...

I equate food with love. Many Mommas do. Going to the grocery store was a pleasurable experience when buying for Greyson. Cars the Movie Mac and Cheese?! I'll take 5! Boy, will he LOVE this! Cookies, milks, cereals- special just for Greyson. Our absolute favorites? Rold Gold skinny pretzels and Yogurt land Frozen Yogurt. Both- off the list. I'm in mourning for the food he won't be able to have...Cake at Birthday Parties....Chocolate Bunnies in his Easter basket....Girl Scout Cookies.... An occasional Happy Meal.
We are giving it a three month trial and reevaluating then.

Going to Whole Foods and trying to find GFCFSF foods was rocket-science stumping. I even had a printed list of GFCF foods- but I didn't realize that over half the stuff I bought contained Soy. Oh well, I guess I'll have to eliminate Soy on the next grocery trip. This pretty much leaves meats, fruits, plain rice and vegetables. Capitol B boring...I know- my attitude better improve soon, or else.

Some things I did find...

I know soon it will get easier, and the next thing I know I will be rocking the diet. It just will take a little time. I am slowly scouring the internet and the world and the grocery store and finding some replacements that are so fun to bring home and present to you...just like old times.


  1. My 2 year old twins were recently diagnosed with Autism. I recently found your blog and decided i needed to read your journey from from the begging like a book. Are the boys still on the GFCFSF diet? Do you think it helped? I applied for ABA therapy and am working to determine if insurance will cover it. Thank you so much for sharing.

    1. Hi Angela- Yes, they are on the diet still. It helps a lot. Sometimes I let Parker cheat- but it does HORRIBLE things to his tummy now. Grey rarely if ever cheats because it messes up his stomach for days and his behavior is so much worse for about 24 hours.good luck. Xo