Friday, January 20, 2012

Do me a Favor...

Dear World,
If our name comes up in your conversation....Don't lower your voice to a whisper and say "It's so sad...Did you hear their son might be autistic?" and feel sad for us...and then continue talking about fun and happy things like The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and cute Winter boots.

To be honest...that's probably what I would have done in my previous life, the one that existed before. I would have pictured sadness and struggle, I would have sincerely tsk tsk tsk'ed my lips and shaken my head and then I would have stopped thinking about it because it made me uncomfortable imagining for one second how it would feel if it were my baby and my story.

And now it is my story...and I so need your help friend.

Now that we are here...on this path, I can't truly explain it--but I am ok with it...We are ok with it...more than ok. We are ROCKING this life. It still feels like home inside my soul. I feel the purpose in my life almost every single day and I rarely said that when I did pharmaceutical sales! We have never been shown more love, more support and more strength from others as we have over the past almost year of knowing that something was just....different.

I'm so much less afraid of everything else in the World now... like going for it with my own photography sharing this blog....My world got so jolted after I realized Greyson was on the spectrum that I figured-- "What the heck is so scary about baring your naked soul to the World in a blog?! And so here it soul....naked....with cellulite on its butt....running down the street in broad daylight... for all to see.

Please do not give us advice unless we ask..... or share the things that worked for your cousin's neighbor's friend... Please do not feel sad for us. We are not sad. At times we get sad...but we are not sad. I know it sounds so strange...

Here's where we really need your help. Help me change the World in a tiny little way. Help me pave little roads everywhere for Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) because somewhere on some highway I believe that they will all meet up.

Keep talking to your children about the beauty of a World filled with differences...Other kids that are different than them...tell them how BORING Baskin Robbins would be if there was only Vanilla....People are like ice cream flavors- the more kinds, THE BETTER!

If there is an Autistic Kid mainstreaming (educating students with special needs in regular classes during specific time periods based on their skills in the classroom) --Don't call the Autistic kid "The quiet, kwirky one"...Call him "The cool and mysterious one"!

Tell your child to be nice to the Autistic about what may make them are perceptive- they know when someone is different whether they acknowledge it or not.

My son processes things slower...please teach your child about patience and waiting.

Many Spectrum kids often don't know how to initiate or sustain conversations....Help him out...find a mutual love and talk about that!

Tell your kids to ask the kids that are different...
To sit by them at lunch....
To ask if they can see their truck/doll/ball/game...
Invite them to parties and to playdates...


I rarely ask for favors, but I need you to do this for my son, and for itty bitties like my son everywhere. Because I can't change the fact that Greyson is on The Spectrum, but I can change the World.

Big Momma Love,


  1. Chrissy you are such a beautiful mom! God has chosen you and your family to help others! You were sent such beautiful gifts. Thank you for sharing and help educating me so i can reach out and be aware to help someone that i know has this. Her mom is afraid to even discuss it. Your children are you and miss you Michelle

  2. Awesome testimony of love!

  3. I am getting on this train all the way and I do not care where the destination is as long as you are the conductor.

  4. Oh no! I am terrible with directions, but I bet we can figure it out.

    1. we don't need directions as long as we have the present.

  5. Could not be more perfect you are amazing!!