Thursday, January 26, 2012


I think about it alot…how important Mom-ing is to me. I try to take inventory here and there and define and redefine the answer to What makes a good Mom in my soul. We owe it to ourselves and to our kids to do that every so often. Since it's my full time job, I need a business plan for it...A Mission Statement.

Today I will stretch to be On Purpose. Since my job is a stay at home Momma, I will be an On purpose Mom today...It's a philosophy I am trying to adopt. I am not just going to try to make it through today, I'm going to savor it.

In order to be an OPM, I will focus on the Now when I’m with them. I will give them my full attention. When I am with them- I will be with them. I will put my phone away when we are at the park…I will go down the slide with Grey because it makes him happy. We will do bubbles and sidewalk chalk because that’s how G defines magic. I will stay off the computer and phone and be with them. I will not check and recheck how many people have stopped by the blog (but in case you're wondering- Monday we had almost 600 people here. That's an all time daily high!)
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Yesterday we took a bath during the day...for no other reason except they love the bath....and oftentimes night baths are more about getting clean in a hurry and less about playing...
PhotobucketI love his little puppet mouth.

<span class=Grey, I am totally showing this to your future girlfriends, if I ever let you have one.

I'll try to say get instead of have more…I get to give Greyson a bath….…I get to help run ABA programs. They are joyful things that could easily be turned into chore mentality.

I will take pictures to be On Purpose....I find when I take pictures I do more things that are fun....because who wants to see pictures of me cleaning the toilet while the kids watch Yo Gabba Gabba? Anyone?
<span class=Look how good his Eye Contact is here. We work on it every day, all day using ABA methods. Most Spectrum kids don't like to make eye contact. Early Intervention is awesome because it makes it easier to reverse some Spectrumy Behaviors like lack of eye gaze.

I will act as if

Some days I feel overwhelmed. Some days I feel not good enough. Some days I compare myself to others and feel as though I fall short. In these instances, I will act as if

I will act as if I am not overwhelmed….I will act as if I do feel good enough….I will act as if I don’t fall short… And I find, when I act as if…..I actually start to believe.

Whatever you find yourself doing today friend...I hope it feels on purpose.
Happy Friday!

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  1. I can totally relate to the desire to be on purpose. Great thoughts. Love your pics, too!