Sunday, February 26, 2012

What's in My Bag

Us Weekly has a feature "What's in My bag" in each issue....and it's a big fat lie.

Just saying...

Sorry, I know you’re a celebrity and all- but I’m just not buying it. I've never seen such organized and zenful stuff keepers. A woman can not just have “Dior lip gloss, hermes notebook, think thin snack bar, anti-bac hand wipes and Burt's bees lip balm" in her purse.

In fact, here's some actual examples...

Ali Larter's bag contains goodies such as, Creme Del La Mer, a Tiffany Day Planner and Chanel Glossimer in Glaze...

Bethenny Frankel's bag has Colgate Wisps, Bobby Brown pot rouge, some of her new Nutritional line items and more perfect sounding things...

I'm a pretty organized person, but not when it comes to my purse. My husband is frightened of it. He will say- "Where's your phone?" and I will tell him "Grab it- it's in the side pocket of my purse." and then he will get lost in there for at least 2 days and I have to send in search and rescue to find him.

I'll tell you what's in a real Mom's Purse... (If there are small children around, please have them leave the room).

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I lined the stuff up by Departments...I knew it was nuts in there, but I never knew I had Departments.

Toy Department: 2 Cars, Silly putty, Some scrabble letters from a photo shoot that I never ended up using, a teether and a clip on Sassy toy

Clothing Department: 5 socks, and a 3-6 month onesie. (Parker is 10 months old).

Food Department: Orange Tic Tacs and Mike and Ikes and an Empty Snack Trap.

Beauty Department: 3 things of Essie Polish (from my Pick Color Friday), 6- count 'em 6 different lip gloss/lipstick and long last lip formulations. I rarely put on any of them. Ever. I often look like a corpse in pictures and think- I should put lipstick on more often and I never do.

Miscellaneous: Wallet, Receipts, loose change, camera lens cap, notebook for random thoughts and reminders, tissues, anti-bacterial wipes, sunglasses, pen, loose change, necklace, wallet, Library Card, trash, an empty sucker stick, and some Goldfish Cracker crumbs at the bottom...Greyson hasn't had those since he went Gluten free in September. Gross.

Items noticeably missing? Diapers and diaper wipes. Yep, 2 kids in diapers and not one single diaper on board. Somehow I left those out and on the counter. Not the first time.

What's in your bag? I want to know...

We had a good and uneventful weekend over here. The older I get, the more I realize that uneventful can be a very good thing.

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Here's My Friday Night. Wild.

We went to Target...

<span class=It takes us 2 carts now, and we usually fill them both up.

<span class=

Parker is my Muse. Partly because he still lets me put silly hats on him.

<span class=

I bought a second pair of Paige denimn...they are not the Uniform....but they will do when it's in the wash.

Gearing up for Monday... Mondays are pretty non-stop. I'm not going to lie, Friend. I often wake up like Oscar the grouch on glass isn't usually half is mostly empty...and sometimes cracked...and has dishwasher specks on it.... At least until I get my coffee.

Thank you so much for reading…I write that a lot- I hope it doesn’t lessen it because I still mean it as much as I did the first time I wrote it….even more now…thank you even more for caring….many of you- heck- most of you have never met me…never met Parker and Greysonbut you care...and you care about him and our journey...and you share these words with your friends and the World. Man, I never thought sharing this blog would give my son that kind of gift- Your love. It is beautiful, friend. Powerful. It makes me cry.


  1. I finally got to catch back up on your blog. Haven't seen the last few posts until now. My purse is a tiny clutch. I do that on purpose so it doesn't become everyone else's bag, and it is small enough to throw into the diaper my purse has the checkbook, receipts that I will eventually throw away, some Amir Aragon Oil lotion (my new favorite), and 3 different lipsticks. Pretty boring.

  2. My purse is the ONE place in the house that is mine all mine so its spic and span! Too bad I can't crawl in it. No kids stuff except hand wipes and germ-x. I save all that good stuff for the diaper bag so when I go out, I am a pack mule! That is where I keep all my cracker crumbs and rotten milk cups and diapers and toys.....and on and on and on. :)

    1. OMG! Clearly you ARE a celebrity!!! Let's crawl into your purse and have a glass of wine! I love it.