Friday, February 24, 2012

You Pick Color

I took some much cherished alone time today. It's my second week in a row- getting a sitter on Friday for a couple of hours.

Me time. I Like.

It's a beautiful blue and sunny day in Central California, and that always makes me feel like I can take on the World. I drove with the windows heaters blasting.... This song was playing on the radio and I felt. I didn't feel anything in particular...I just felt.

Mani/Pedis are a mix of one part relaxation and one part- please hurry up, I'm bored and I want to get the hell out of here soon. Sweet and salty...Black and white....Little bit country--little bit Rock n Roll.


I think it's funny that Greyson isn't allowed to do this...

But I'm allowed to pick his nose, ears, eye boogers etc. whenever I want.

I think it's funny that I'm allowed to line things up, because it makes me feel good...feel balanced and orderly...
But Greyson is not.

I'm 38, and I'm still figuring out the rules of Life. I hope I don't stop any time soon.

Greyson's first day alone at school was perfect. If I'd written the movie script, it would have gone just like it did. He cried when I picked him up because he didn't want to leave! Miss Lisa, his teacher was just so awesome, and handled him like golden haired magic. I think I even have a crush on her. Clearly the Big Guy wanted me to find this joint. If you are a teacher... I know I love you.

Friend, if you don't already have a blog you should start one for your family....or just for you.

I love my real life...and I love how it looks afterwards when I'm outside looking in.

Even when things weren't perfect at the time.

Have a wonderful weekend.

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