Wednesday, April 4, 2012


I came down with a small case of bi-polar disorder this evening. (I seriously just google'd bi-polar disorder as I started to write this post to make sure I didn't really have it.)

Do you know what came up when I typed it in? Google straight up told me, "Sweetie, you are just fine. You aren't bi-polar, it's called being a Mom." I felt so much better after that.

Tonight has involved tantrums, crying, kicking, whining & pointing instead of talking, barking, spilling, screaming and getting stalked by two starving dogs. That plus a Easter Bunny sighting makes for a regular old evening for a regular old Mom like me.

Michael is at a meeting. I got 2 ripe and juicy hours of alone time from 3-5 so I thought surely 5-8:30pm would fly right on by.

n o t so.

I sit alone for the first time since 5 and I heave a tremendous sigh of relief that I made it out alive. I finally got the last child to bed. (Yes, I know I only have 2, but that doesn't sound like a lot so I am exaggerating.) I want to lay on the couch, watch the Real Housewives of something or other because they make me feel sane, and eat copious amounts of chocolate.

Friend, take a stroll with me down memory lane from this evenings events...

It started here... Parker found G's Easter present from School....which also contained an egg he dyed...last Thursday that I had forgotten about. Stinky. I won't be eating eggs for awhile.

And every time these guys ran across the screen, Jack the dog started barking like crazy, ready to attack.


And Greyson was rough-housing on the couch (did I seriously just say rough-housing? It's still 2012- right? Next I'll be saying goody gumdrops.) and he kicks my hand which then throws my phone into my glass of water...

It still works!!!???

And these two.... followed me absolutely everywhere...all night...they were hungry for dinner (and we are out of their food so Michael is bringing some home later.)

And then Greyson was yelling and crying and yelling some more...going into the pantry just pointing and crying that he wanted something but he wouldn't say what....and despite some extensive reading in behavior therapy, instead of saying "Use your words, tell me what you want Greyson?" in my sugary sweet voice, I bust out with a loud and demonic, "STOP SCREEEEAAAAMING" at the top of my lungs. Yep, that makes sense.

And that's when I started thinking....seriously, I must be bi-polar....Some moments I want to pool myself into a puddle on the ground I love them so much. I breathe in their clean laundry. I give them a chapped face from so many kisses...I seriously almost took a picture of Parker's poop the other day because it was just so adorable... Today I was giddy and in awe with my boy, G...Wednesday is Trash Day and sometimes I take him outside to watch the truck when I hear the familiar roar of the engine. Today I didn't realize the truck was driving by and I was on my computer. Greyson excitedly comes over to me and says, "Open Door, I want truck." and I almost passed out on the floor from proud!!!

And then tonight.... I just wanted to rip my face off and go hide in the pantry alone with my silence and a bag of rolos.

And now as I sit in the glorious silence, I realize that those feelings are all just part of Mom'ing and it's OK ...combine that with the fact that google told me I wasn't crazy, and I'm good now.

So there you have it in an egg shell... Don't worry...I didn't forget about the Bunny Sighting...

Yep, one sock again. Thanks for letting us use the costume, Momma K!

See, there I go again...Giddy in love. Like seriously want to go grab my bunny and sneak him into my bed and snuggle. I might just go do that.

Thank you for reading this blog. Friends If you haven't introduced yourself yet, drop me a line. I love hearing from you. And Holy Cow, Thank you NEW FRIENDS!!! I didn't make it to 130 like I wanted yesterday, I made it to 131!!! GOODY GUMDROPS! And already 134 today!!! THANK YOU!!! Keep coming, Friends!!!


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  1. Glad to know I'm not the only one. Cutest bunny ever, by the way!

  2. Thanks for typing the words I feel some days!!! And please pass the rolos!