Thursday, April 5, 2012

Enjoy Every Moment...

I think back to one year ago....right about now. My heart feels like it is being squeezed too beats faster, and it's hard to take in a deep breath...


Parent's everywhere, regardless of age, country or number of children say it constantly... And I'm really feeling it right now because it feels like my beloved Parker was born just 5 minutes ago...yet somehow he is already almost 1.


"Enjoy every goes by so fast."

Old ladies have stopped me at the park, at the grocery store, even on a walk....they tell me tales of their now fully grown-up- itty bitties and they tell me how fast it went by... and they often take a moment to really look into my eyes and they tell me in words thick with sincerity..."Enjoy every moment...It goes by so fast." ...and that scares me....because I know some day....I will be one of them.

Right now...These will forever be the absolute best years of my life....

The park was REALLY windy today!

Today we sat in the car and watched part of a movie because it was different and fun. Why yes, that is a dog toy Parker is teething with...You're right, that is gross and funny...but his teeth are killing him and he hates every baby teether I buy him and today he discovered this chew toy and it made him I went with it.

When I was pregnant with Greyson, I was so scared at how dramatically my life was going to change once I had a baby. I vividly remember having dinner with my husband on the Manhattan Beach Pier...I was looking out the window of the restaurant and I saw people walking up and down the pier, going out and having fun... I started to cry because I knew that portion of my life was over (and because I was hormonal!) and I knew what I was going to be missing out on...because that was a wonderful and carefree time of my life...

But I had absolutely no idea what I was going to gain.

And now I think almost one year ago exactly... I can't believe I hadn't met him yet. It has been the longest, hardest, sweetest most incredible year of my entire life.

He's so old he's already driving.

And the days really are long...and the years are so short...

Too short...

And it's funny...The parenting times that are "stressful" as in last night stressful...
You forget about them- almost as quickly as they happen... Think about it...Name the last 3 times you were totally stressed and had a horrible day/afternoon/night.... Chances are you can't remember more than one time...the most recent one...

Tell yourself that -next time you are stressed...."Soon, I will not even remember this ever happened." Funny- right? And I'm writing this and discovering all these things with you, friend. I don't have it all figured out. But I am having a lot of fun trying.

He's biting everything...

And seeing as how I'm sure my ovaries look like the raisins on his tray (my husbands ovaries are even older than mine)...we're probably closing the baby making shop. So that's part of the reason for my melancholy.

I'm grateful for what I have. And until I can figure out how to slow time down...I will continue to do what I can to enjoy every moment.

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  1. Ah, Chrissy, the years do go by fast. My oldest is 41 and I sometimes, o.k. most times, cannot believe how quickly those years went by.