Thursday, April 26, 2012

Mother Nature

If days had a gender, today would have been a girl... It was dark and gray... it rained...

at first they were sweet little dainty drops that then turned into heavy plops of life into my pool.

It cleared off... and then it was brilliant.


The sun shined bright...warmed our face and feet...and then hid.

And clouds and blue skies as far as your eyes could imagine kept dancing a do-si-do with dark skies right before our eyes. 

It kept changing continuously throughout the day. Well done God. Encore. Please? Tomorrow if I am lucky.

Woman are wondrous beasts....once upon a time responsible for gathering nuts and having adapted beautifully...running corporations....working... growing and raising babies....making dinner and pouring baths --all while still gathering those nuts and berries. Women make the World go round. We are like salt...making everything taste a little better. And due to a wondrous mix of love and life, emotion and hormones...highs and lows....we think we are alone in our mixed up emotional whirlwind of mind. We think that other woman clearly must be more even keel. Status quo...and we look at our extremes as a a sign that we are not sane, not enough, not balanced, not right.

I am here to tell you. You are not alone. I am all those things too. I hear from so many of you beautiful woman...and you tell me... so are you. Why did we think we were alone? Why don't we talk about this stuff together more often? This crazy roller coaster ride is so much sweeter and so much better than the slow moving Merry-Go-Round.

Same feeties at the warm and rain spotting dusk.

Have you met people without highs and lows? People who are always kind and nice...happy and calm? I have. Boy do they bore me. They are a Merry Go Round. I'll pick a spinning Tea Cup Friend any day of the year.

I'm teaching him about to understand them. How to treat 'em kind.

Next time you feel like you are loosing footing....and that you are the only one breaking down one day and breaking through the next...insecure one moment and confident the next...crying one second and laughing another...fighting it all and accepting of everything...think of your friend, Chrissy. She is somewhere else...doing that exact same thing....just like women everywhere are. I wish I could get us all in one room so you all could hear- although our details are different...our stories are so much the same. And these stories? They are beautiful.


  1. Once I realized that everyone's life is crazy (and if they say its not, they are lying!!!!) I feel a part of this wonderful club. All my mommy friends and I finding our way through these beautiful waters....journeys and routes are different but we are all in the same boat. :)