Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Stream of Randomness

As I sit down to type these words, I see an old, wet (gluten free) pretzel stuck to the sleeve of my sweater...I do what any other parent would do... I rip off the pretzel and I eat it- so I don't have to get up and go walk to the trash can.*

Not all of my posts will have a point (*see random tidbit above)....oftentimes I even forget what I am talking about in mid.....

Hmm... Frequently I ramble.. and sometimes I combine a bunch of different left-over thoughts and call it a meal.

Like this post...

Spring Break used to mean things like staying up all night, sunning with baby oil, and possibly taking a shot of tequila from a spinning Barber chair in a bar somewhere in Mexico. Padre Island, 1992. Damn, I'm old.

For me now it means a week without ABA, Applied Behavior Analysis...Grey's special all-day Autism therapy. To kick start the festivities, we had many friends and Mommas over to play yesterday.

Here is the play room...after...

Looking at that makes me so happy. It means that I have made some amazing Momma friends since we've moved to Fresno, CA. And it also means that they all have adorable little bitties that got to come over to play with my boys. I lost count at 18 people. I would have taken a picture, but I couldn't find my camera and my mind at the same time. We had much fun. Greyson gets stretched out of his comfort zone when he plays with a bunch of kids, so it's good therapy for him too. Bonus.

Look at Parker yesterday morning...

Apparently he takes having one bare foot pretty seriously. Also of note: like his Mother, he is not a Monday morning person.

One of my Mom'ing rules? The camera stays on the Kitchen counter at all times...that way it is easy to catch those moments as they happen. I love click moments.

One of my main goals in Life isn't to make this World a better place, although that would be a great by-product... But my main goal is to help you realize how the great the World already is.

He totally gets it. I didn't even have to teach him. I will preserve that intuitive goodness.

For those of you that have written me telling me I've helped you to be a better Momma or person or friend, I'll let you in on a secret...I just typed letters on a keyboard....and created words...and you took those words and you applied them to your own life. It was all already on your insides waiting for you to take notice... You created action. Well. Done. You.

Today, Tuesday, April 3rd is Autism Awareness Day...You thought it was yesterday, the 2nd? Well, you're right!-- that was the Official Day on the calender, but when you are a Mom and your child is Autistic, every day is a day to share Autism Awareness. Tomorrow is Autism Awareness Day too. And the next day after that. How lucky am I?

I consider it my job to share information about Autism... and if you are not affected by it, I want to make it interesting and fun for you...

pretty pictures help...

Before I was affected by Autism, I certainly didn't make it a point to learn about it- or about any other random disease or disorder, and I certainly don't expect you to either.

I didn't really even understand what "Awareness" meant. "Buy this shirt for breast cancer awareness."... Well, I know breast cancer exists, so I am already aware! So I don't need the shirt! I just thought you were supposed to be aware it existed....but I am learning- at least by my definition-- being aware means knowing details.... knowing how it affects the World, and the people in it...and for me, how it affects my son, Greyson.

Here's a couple of random Autism fact for you...

  • Currently, there is no blood test, scan, or imaging that can detect Autism. Diagnosis relies on behavioral observation and screening. If you have any concerns, bring them up to your pediatrician. Don't feel stupid or paranoid! It's ok!

  • Any child younger than 3 years of age with developmental delays qualifies to receive services through Early Intervention, a government-mandated program that provides services to eligible children. Services are free and may include speech and language instruction as well as occupational and physical therapy. Early Intervention is so important!

So, thank you so helping me make this World more aware about Autism. Helping people accept all kinds of different makes this World a sweeter, nicer place.

I got you a card last night. It totally made me think of you.

I can't find any stamps so it may take awhile.

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  1. *sigh* Padre......I remember it well. What good times those were! Of course, its that different kind of good but good none the less. :) I keep my camera on the counter too and it never fails, if it gets put away, I miss something GOOD!

  2. Yep, you are definitely my new favorite blogger!