Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Because I'm Awesome

So often we find excuses to belittle apologize...
Sorry I didn't {write}{call}{text} sooner...
Sorry I'm running late. Sorry I couldn't make it to your party. Sorry I didn't clean before you got here. Sorry I didn't get a chance to go to the store. Sorry I look like such a wreck.

I think we need to practice saying something else with equal frequency...


More specifically..Because I'm awesome...

Slap it at the end of a sentence or make it its own sentence...Put it where it makes sense and even where it doesn't...use it when you hear a compliment that you usually deflect.

        Your hair looks great! Did you do something different?
        Yes, I washed it...and I brushed it...on the same day... Because I'm awesome.

        Mom- what's for dinner tonight?
        Leftovers...Because I'm awesome...

I'm running late...because I couldn't get my shit together...Because I'm awesome.

That's a much better script to be running through your head than I'm sorry.


Today I decided...if I must worry...I will worry about today... I'm tired of worrying about stuff in the future. It's getting too much air time on the radio in my head.

I can worry about today.
NOT the past...
NOT the future...
Only today.
And guess what?
Today is perfect... So I guess I don't have much to worry about.
Crazy...that's gonna free up a lot of time for other things...
And man oh man is that hard for me...but I'm gonna try...
Because I'm awesome.

Tonight as I rocked with Greyson before bed he told me,

I want bed...I want Mom...I want stars...

Which meant he wanted to lay in his bed with me and look at the stars projected onto his ceiling...How could I deny such a request? I grabbed his sweet face and gave him a kiss... His words never fail to bring me bliss...I could have laid there for hours... it was so relaxing...the lights and stars subtly changing colors...fading and mind got lost in not thinking...and just watching...

Last time Michael was out of town I had Greyson sleep in my bed. I was so excited to snuggle with him (and by snuggle I apparently meant getting kicked in the head, stomach and face by the sideways lying boy on my bed)... I learned the hard way I need sleep more than those kind of snuggles...but I'm glad I tried...

Saw these funny yahoos on TV this morning...
Do they seriously get paid real cash money to sit around and talk?...and drink booze? and eat? in the morning? Wow...sign me up. I'm pretty sure I'm less intolerable than they are too.

I decided I would try it out at about noon today... (no actual beer bottles were opened though.)

I was thrilled today to open the front door to find this...
More stickers!!! Finally!!! I needed a little shot of ummmpffffff in my day and they did the trick.

Tonight Greyson and I did an activity that I hope becomes a nightly ritual... I wish it so badly it hurts.

We walked Life with Greyson stickers to the mail you awesome & incredible reader friends that have asked for them.
(Thank you to one of my favorite readers Lani for making this shell collecting bag (perfect for carrying letters too!) for the boys and for sharing this blog every day.)
As much as I hope it becomes a ritual, it's actually up to you... because it's something that this control freak can't do on her own... If you are willing to share some Life with Greyson stickers with your friends and your town, send me an email saying, I want stickers to:



He loves putting them in the outgoing box.

Afterwards we played in the dirt.


Will you please paint your Town Grey with me?

Because YOU are awesome...



  1. Oh, sweet! I'll have stickers please.....I'll send you my address to your email. I think maybe my sister Debbie from Tallahassee asked for some too. :)

  2. Thank you, Chrissy! You made me feel awesome today!

    xoxoxo Can't wait for my stickers!!!