Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Help Me

Oh Monday.....

I tried so hard to hold a grudge against you, but I couldn't... I'm shocked...

You were just so darn adorable I couldn't help myself. I might go so far as to say I actually liked you.

We got an email from the assistant to the CEO at Native Shoes...saying they were touched by our story about how much we love these shoes...and they want to outfit our whole family with some new Natives of our choice...and even said to pick out a "few pairs" for Greyson to grow into. Wow... I mean Wow... I didn't have to look hard at all today...There was good all over.


Every day we work with Greyson to say the words, help me instead of crying out in frustration when he is in need or something isn't going his way...

It's funny because I am teaching him to ask for help...something that is very hard for me to do in the first place. Partly because I'm a control freak, and it's just easier to do things my way- exactly how I want them. As life comes continues, I am realizing that there are certain things I just can't do on my own. I am practicing saying, help me...when I need it. Just like Grey.

Like with these stickers...
Will you help me share them with the World? Even if you just take a few to keep in your wallet. You'll know when the right time to pull one out comes up.

Don't be afraid to tell the people in your life when you need help.
Asking for help doesn't mean you are weak. It may even mean you are strong...

In order to keep Greyson motivated during his daily therapy (Applied Behavior Analysis - for those of you just joining us) the therapists use Positive Reinforcers. A primary reinforcer is an object given following a wanted behavior that will increase the liklihood that he will repeat that same behavior in the future. It's my job to replace the reinfocers (special toys, food or candy) to make the Behavior Analysts job easier. The better the reinforcers, the more Grey is willing to work.

Today, I felt like getting a little creative, so I put little different reinforcers into the rooms of this house. A special key unlocks each little room.

ABA therapy is based on some pretty common sense stuff...and it works. We all work for Reinforcements.... money, cars, stuff, nice words... So does Grey and many Autistic kids.

This house is kind of like life...we all have different choices to make and we don't know what lies inside... We have to just go for it and open up the door, hoping something good is inside. I wish I could open up every door first...take a look inside...compare and weigh my options- then pick.
I was thinking if I wanted Greyson to get a realistic idea of life I should put dog poop or mean people in one of the doors...but then I thought not...I'll stick to things like Skittles...

And clothes pin dolls and army parachute guys with large machine guns...opps, that's not very PC... I guess that's why they were at the Dollar Store...I wonder what the two of them had to talk about behind Door #1.

I'll let life teach Greyson about the dog-poopy parts of life, and I'll try and just teach him about the good....and try and be there for him with support when the dog-poopy parts come up.

Greyson also got to make more fun choices today at speech...

White or Chocolate?


Keeping track of him during speech is part of my daily work out. He thinks we go there just so he can play.

It's always nice when you send me a note letting me know you understand how I feel...that you relate to me.... It's nice for all of us to know we are not alone. Today I got some truly awesome emails...they always seem to come when I need them most. Thank you!

Thank you to my 3 new Members who signed up today too! Seriously- you made my Monday even better. (I can't believe I just wrote that sentence.)

Have a great Day my Friend.


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  1. Your Monday gave you free shoes???? That ROCKS!!! And it was a good day, I agree!! And I asked for help today - it's really hard for me too!