Wednesday, June 13, 2012

I heart Words

Words are powerful. They unite Nations...They solve problems...They help people connect... They express love, sadness, regret, fear, excitement, anger and hope.

They can hurt, and they can heal. They can take away pain or they can inflict. 

I want my words to do good...I want them to live forever.

I never knew how deep my mad crazy love affair with words went until I realized that my son had none. And suddenly my words need to mean and covey so much more...So much more than, "Hi, how are you?" So much more than, "Venti Iced Soy Latte Please"... Now I am talking for two people and my words need to mean more than ever...

How do you convey the emotions in your heart...without using words? How do you hear what someone else is telling you, when they can't actually tell you? I am learning so much from Greyson. Sometimes the lessons are so sharp they are almost painful. I'm not exactly sure why I was given this particular life...but I am grateful for it....I am grateful to be a Mom...I am happy...Greyson is teaching me about silence...not an awkward silence, but a silence filled with calm. A focus more on actions and intent than words. Sometimes silence is Golden- just because it's a cliche doesn't mean it isn't true. I used to always give my opinion when asked...but time and age has taught me--that sometimes it's best to just be silent.


This blog is one of my best friends...I know that sounds funny, but it is. It brings me joy into my life. It opens my eyes, it helps me organize my thoughts and it helps me store my memories. 
It helps me stretch to be the person I want my children to be. 

Parker is my best friend too. I tell him all the time. 

 Parker, you are my best friend.

So is Grey...and Grey's feet. I always tell him, "Your feet and my feet are best friends" when our feet cuddle together on the couch. 

My feet are so lucky because they are old and ugly and boney and his are adorable and rectangular and sweet..but his feet don't judge my feet for being so ugly and I am grateful. 

They've actually been best friends since I could feel his feet kicking the inside of my tummy.

His one year old feeties and mine.

Being a Mom is the best job I ever had, and I didn't even have to interview for it...Man, I'm lucky the way this all worked out.

Today was extra long- but good. And although it certainly didn't feel like it in the moment, it went by fast. Michael is gone and it's just me and my two best friends.

I took some Me time...and despite the funky heat...I forced myself to go on a run.

I told you when I don't go- it gets cluttered up my brain...all those thoughts, many conflicting-bouncing around, looking for a home. Running gives those thoughts a place to land.

I like thinking positive. Like does attract like. Some people don't think that way, and they don't want to. They are validated by their half empty glass, by their martyr their woe-is-me-ness.  I'm not talking about those people right now...I'm talking about you, the person who so desperately wants to be positive -but for whatever's not your primary language...but you want it to be. There are many moments or times or even days it is not my primary language- but I work on it...because being positive helps me live a really good life...and if I could give you just one piece of advice to get you moving in the right direction...I would say, Pay attention to your words... What kind of words are you putting out there? On the phone, in person, on Facebook, in the World...Make them positive... Focus on your positive. That doesn't mean all Pollyanna and Unicorns and rainbows and not venting when you need to get it out...You can be positive and authentic...and the best part of that equation? You don't have to hide or lie about your stuff that isn't good or happy or shiny or positive- you can share that too- because that's what makes you real and unique...

But look around you...and actually look for positive---because I promise it is there. And talk about that.

Tonight I was running errands at an outdoor shopping area called Riverpark and they had a Farmer's Market...I love Farmer's markets because you see positive everywhere you look.

Hey--We should go next Tuesday. They have them every week.

I love Parker when he wakes up from his nap...he's like me...a little crabby and a little out of it.

But unlike me- he wakes up quickly.


It's time for bed, little calf, little calf...what happened today that made you laugh?

I'm going to get ready for bed now. I've got something to talk to you about tomorrow that I am working on and I am so excited!!! I've been wanting to tell you for a few days and it's tough for me to hold things in!!! I can't wait...

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