Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Positive Words

There is an unlimited supply of inspiration in the World, but it's like mining for gold...you have to sift through lots and lots and lots of sand to get to the good parts..Most people give up before they get to the good part.

Don't give up.

Giving up isn't an option. Take it off the table.  

I'm not giving up...some moments...hours or days -- I feel like I want to...but those are only feelings...and they go away...

I'm on a mission to create Autism Awareness all over the World. I'll take any help you can give me. Since I have a Spectrum Kid- it's my job to teach people about Autism...the real stuff...the little details...the things I see and the feelings I have. 


I had no idea that being a Mom could be this awesome...this amazing...this gut wrenching...this scary...this incredible...And someday...when the roller coaster ride ends... I will still be there...clapping my hands saying, Again...Again!


Will you help me share this message of Autism Awareness and Acceptance? Send me an email (kellyc43@gmail.com) and ask me for these awesome stickers or contact me on Facebook. Whether you have a Spectrum kid or not...if you connect with the passion and love I have for my son...will you please help?

When I first realized that Greyson had Autism, I searched the World---looking for someone to tell me- it's going to be OK...looking for words that were positive...uplifting...someone to talk about something besides how hard our life was going to be... And so many people told me how hard it would be on my marriage...and how difficult it is on the siblings...time and time again...And to them I say, You don't know what we are made of.

Positive Words can make a big difference in someone's World.

When people tell me that they are praying for us, I'm in awe...
How do you remember all the people you are supposed to pray for? 
I can't seem to remember anything lately...(and by lately I mean since the day I got pregnant with Greyson up until and including today).
I think God hopefully remembers -and then when you get to the part of the prayer when you pray for people- I bet you can just say, God, I want to say a special prayer for all the people I said I would pray for that I will forget if I try to name all of them. Please hook them up.

I pray for strength, for peace of mind...and for hope. Most days all three of those get me through anything. I should probably add patience to that list. Every time I go to get some it's on back order. I pray that I remember to remember.

Adaptability...a skill happy people with imperfect lives have. Perfect people with perfect lives don't need to be adaptable. Adaptable is the ability to see the shimmering silver lining even when it's dark out. The ability to mold and change and grow with the scenery. 
I've never had a job that was super challenging...that also wasn't incredibly rewarding. 

The differences between boys and girls...

I got my hair done on Saturday...an appointment I made during my last appointment 7 weeks prior...


A couple of weeks ago I told Michael, In 2 weeks on Saturday I'm getting my hair done at noon. 
And then last week I told him, In 1 week I'm getting my hair done at noon.
And then on Wednesday I told him, I'm getting my hair done in 3 days at noon.
And then Friday night I said, I just want to remind you, I'm getting my hair done at noon tomorrow... Because I have learned from past experience it's a good idea to give that many reminders if I want to make sure the children have adult supervision, besides our dogs...


And while I am out... I get a text from Michael...Will you be home in time for me to see a 4:55 movie? 

I read his text and wonder...Is he SERIOUS???...He CAN'T be... 
I bet he's just kidding. I can't go anywhere without serious advance notice, express written permission from management, my Mom and my Doctor... 
We don't have family here that can help us out... and our babysitters often have a more interesting social life than we do--so frequently it's just us- fending for ourselves in the wild. Spontaneous movies expired with the appearance of a plus sign on the little pee stick. 

(My Dad says I need to frequently mention what a great Father and Husband Michael is... He is right- Michael is seriously AMAZING. I've never seen a Dad so involved with his kids- and most importantly with Greyson's therapy. He is G's favorite for SURE. Everytime I take Greyson to bed- even when Michael is out of town- Greyson says, I wahhhhnnnnnttt Dad ...over and over. Thanks Buddy- I'm here with you all day, I wipe your butt when you poo...and you want Dad..you've made that quite clear. Thanks. (Don't worry- the presence of thick sarcasm is purely for entertainment value). 

Greyson got his hair cut this past weekend too.

Staying still...being patient...following directions... All things that Autistic kids struggle with... Hair cut time can bring with it anxiety for some Spectrum kids (and who am I kidding- pretty much any toddler.)

Greyson does an awesome job. He sits on my lap so I can help control his hands and head... We go to an awesome kid's place so they are used to everything itty bitties can dish out...crying, tantrums... and wiggley little guys like Grey. The 1st time we went I was nervous...Do I tell her he's Autistic? Is that totally over-sharing? I ended up telling her and she did great with him, so we go back and ask for her. (Thanks Maria!) 

The kids get to pick out a movie to watch during their cut. It also helps to also distract him with a comb, a water bottle or the TV remote.  


I'll show you some official "afters" tomorrow!

Thanks for being here...Thanks for reading and thanks for caring about our story. It means the WORLD to us...

 Love, Chrissy


  1. I love how you wonder if you should tell people that G is autistic or not....people like the "stylist". I can imagine I would have the same feeling...wondering if it's necessary or over-sharing. In fact, I do the same thing with Gracie's allergy. Yesterday when I took her into the daycare at Copper I wondered, "Should I tell them?? No, they probably won't give her anything except the bottle I brought. But wait, what if she grabs another kid's bottle or snack by accident? Should I tell? I should tell......" I can't imagine how much more thoughtful it is on your end!

    1. Sometimes I just kind of want to wear a shirt...then I don't have to wonder if I should say anything! We'll get you one too! And Gracie!

  2. Thanks for another great post. Great words and constant reminders of these gifts we have to nuture and protect - our kids. We too have no family in our home town so my husband and I fend for ourselves and I giggled at your "reminders" and know I too provide the same reminders in our home. Keep up your great work of sharing your families story.

    1. Thank you!!! So nice for me to know I'm not alone!!!