Thursday, August 30, 2012

Week End

High Five my Friend!

No, seriously- can you believe that we made it through this week? This week is the longest week in the World, according to statistics I just created to illustrate my point and energy level.

Not only did we make it through the week...there were times- dare I write- that were actually completely and totally awesome? And of course times that were terrible and tough, scary and overwhelming. And that is the brilliant thing about Life. Every single day is a new chance. Today a chapter closes...maybe a book even ends... But something new is brewing...something amazing and exciting... And I can't wait. I want you to get excited for it too.

And sometimes we find endings much easier than beginnings...I certainly don't remember people all over the World emotional at the ending of last school year...But the beginning had so many of us in a Target-buying tizzy...It brings furious fears of how fast they are growing and how quickly time goes by.

In the midst of hard times, there lies Awesome...Look for it.

Over the weekend I got my hair done...and the highlights up front turned orange-ish after being toned...

Autism? BRING IT ON... Our life will still be brilliant! Yahooo!!!

Chronic Daily Headache- NO PROBLEM!!!! I'll make it work.

Cheetos Colored Hair- NOT IN THIS LIFETIME. Get me to a salon- NOW. I might die.

So today I went to get that crazy fixed...





And as I was driving home from my hair appointment I thought- I could never go to prison because they aren't allowed to get their hair colored... And then I thought- that's a weird thought... because I'm pretty sure that would be the last thing on my mind if I were in prison...but maybe not.

After my hair appointment, I came home to this going on at dinner...

Parker and his magical feet that can eat.

And there's nothing like a Back to School Night to feel like a card carrying parent. As we walked up to the school I could feel a lump in my throat. It still surprises...Me- A Mom? How weird is that?
This Mom stuff is awesome- even when it totally sucks.

I got to spend some time in Greyson's secret classroom. Doodle liked it too.

Grey had a lot on his mind...


He's so much stinking fun. Despite the arrival of two new teeth, this is my favorite stage. (clarification: at some point at least something about every stage is my favorite. Yes, I will be saying, This is my favorite stage numerous times). He needs me yet still seeks his Independence.

He laughs...and sometimes when he laughs really sounds just (a 90- year old loud drunk man). 


Ice makes it better...

What a difference one day makes. Today was so much better.

Sometimes I think we both need that reminder...

Give it a Day...See how you feel about it tomorrow. I know that one little day always has more than 24 hours, but you will get through it.

Happy Long Holiday Weekend. You deserve it.


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  1. I'm cracking up about the lack of highlights in prison because I used to say I could never go on Survivor because I needed tweezers to pluck my eyebrows. The important stuff in life, you know.