Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The 2nd time's a charm

Do you know what the strongest and most powerful muscle in the body is? Yes, I'm sure you learned in Junior High Health class...It's the Gluteus Maximus...But not everything you learn in school is correct...

And I don't care how big your butt is- it's not the biggest or the
strongest muscle...

It's your Mind...It will always be your mind...

We create everything in our life...from beginning to end...and the things we really have absolutely no hand in creating- we define- we label- and we choose to let it hurt us...define us...limit us...or possibly make us better than we ever were before...

I know that not everything is that cut and dry...but some things are...and I have noticed that when I am conscience of the potential strength of my mind- things often are that black and white.

You are what you think...think good thoughts...

I believe in the power of the Mind-Body connection. I believe that many things that happen in our body  can be solved with our mind. Even sweet little Ted (in case you are new- I've had a chronic daily headache since June due to some inflamed nerves in my spine that I call Ted-that I'm trying to get fixed! It is slowly getting better) that carries his message of....I don't know what his message is...but I am figuring it out, accepting it into my life and trying to not let my mind limit the strength over my body- and make me think that pain and struggle is bigger than me. {right now you are either nodding your head up and down saying- yes, yes! or- questioning what in the hell I am smoking and wondering if I will share it with you}.

It's so easy to forget that bad thoughts actually aren't harmless...anxiety, fear, anger- they actually can cause damage...and it's up to your mind to decide to focus on something else. Something good. The presence of Ted taught me that I need to take care of my mind. Work on relaxing. Consciously work through scared, anxious thoughts...take deeps breaths...unclench my jaw...think only about today...

Since Grey was a brand new baby I have always joked that he could live with us in the basement playing video games until he was 40 years old...That was a joke {only because in California we don't have basements}...and also- because even though I love him something crazy fierce and I never want to let him go...I also know I have to put his needs first- not mine. His life- his adventures. And my love for him means that I will let him sprout wings and fly. The other day I was thinking about Greyson's future. Something I don't usually do...and wondering- Is he ever going to be able to live on his own? And I felt so sad- thinking about all the experiences he will miss out on...and like I've said before- sometimes I physically shake my head to get bad thoughts out...that line of thinking doesn't help anyone...It makes my heart pound and my head race...blood pressure increases and stress endorphins are released.

God promised Grey a future and a purpose...He will be OK. Taking care of him is my welcomed Earthly duty... Worrying myself about his future is not my job. {shew}.

Today I went in for Nerve Block number 2. Medial branch block of Cervical Disks 3, 4 and 5. Everything tough is easier the second time around. Today was a cinch. Today I knew not to put all my eggs in one basket. Today I focused less on the outcome of the procedure and focused more on how awesome it was to relax in a bed with warm blankets on command and have absolutely nothing to do.
The experience was a million times better than the first time around- but only because of my attitude and my mind.

I treated myself to a soda afterwards...Heavenly...they even brought me graham crackers. I want to go back tomorrow. You should join me.

Don't underestimate the power you have.


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  1. Hope you are feeling better soon. GREAT post. I haven't had a chance to stop by in awhile.

    P.S. Levi is WALKING!!!!