Wednesday, October 3, 2012


My journey didn't begin with Autism...

It began on December 15th, 1973. Everything that has happened after that is just part of my journey that has now become our journey.

My husband Michael and I on our wedding day.

Part of our happy, sad, exciting, amazing, boring and blissful journey.

For those of you new to Life with Greyson, Hello! I am so glad you are here reading these words and that our journeys can intersect. Despite some circumstances, we live a blessed life. Life isn't about circumstances-the day to day details. I think it's 2 parts circumstance and 18 parts attitude- and those are odds I like. It's more about attitude and heart.  How would you break it down for your life? (here's a hint- however you divide it will be your own personal truth.)


My sons, Greyson (3) and Parker (1) are gifts that I open daily. Sometimes these gifts are poopy, crabby, angry, argumentative, teething, and make me want to rip my hair out. Sometimes they make me proud, elated, ecstatic, jump up and down and clap my hands and cry from the sheer joy of it all. At times I long for a Merry go round life...just going around and around...but I secretly love that we are spinning tea cups...random, haphazard and adrenaline creating...sometimes it's scary, but sometimes it makes me laugh with joy.

This blog exists- not because I wrote it- but because you are here reading it (A special thanks to my current 208 Members changing the World with us.)  My son Greyson was diagnosed with Autism in March of this year...and I thought I would die from sad. I believed the messages I was bombarded with...stories of how difficult my life would be- how hard it Autism would be on my marriage- how difficult growing up would be for our youngest child, Parker living in the shadow of Grey's numerous therapies...And I decided then- that I would prove all those messages to be wrong by living an exceptional life... Traditionally I am not a rule breaker...unless the rules are already broken...


This is my son Greyson...I don't need him to be the fastest, the one who wins the most awards, the smartest or the most popular...I used to think I wanted all those things for him...Now I just want him to do his best on each and every day...and of course be happy. I try and show him how to do that living by example.

We are all bombarded with words and causes daily... I realized today at the Starbucks drive through that the guy was repeating my order and I wasn't even listening....Word overload...So the fact that you are here- listening to these words- makes me incredibly grateful.

I'm on a mission to get the world to embrace all kinds of different...Different like my son Greyson and other kids like him all over the World.

So with passion I work to share Awareness for Autism...Greyson can not speak, so I am his voice. I want to help the World learn more about Autism...what it looks like and sounds like and feels like for us, because once you shine a light on something dark- it isn't nearly as scary....And it is my mission to not only help my son gain acceptance into this World, but to help others connect with the beauty that already exists in your own life...

I think the key to living a really good life isn't about doing amazing's about finding the amazing in the middle of doing normal, everyday things.

Like having fun- even at the grocery store...

At the end of the day I go to bed at night grateful for what I have. My life is good...and there was a time not too long ago I didn't know if finding real and raw authentic happiness would be a reality in my life again.


If you're happy and you know it clap your hands...

I am happy to tell you it is our reality.  Thank you for reading and for sharing it with the people in your life.



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