Tuesday, October 9, 2012


I almost just went for it today. Set the bar low so low it just laid there on the ground for me to trip over. It could do nothing but good for the World...

And how was I going to do that? I wanted to keep my pajamas on for preschool drop off this morning. I'd be doing myself a favor- because anything I wore for the rest of the year would be awesome in comparison. Not to mention, think of what a favor I would be doing for Mother's all over the World...Some Mom would be thinking- I can't wear these disgusting work out clothes to drop my kids off- how embarrassing...But then they would remember the story they heard about that woman in California who allegedly wore her PAJAMAS to drop off her child...My word...And suddenly- 4 year old sweat pants with a hole in the tush are suddenly looking kind of glam.

But at the last second I chickened out. Even though I only had 2 minutes and 12 seconds to get changed. Mostly because I almost wore my pajamas once last week- and it just so happened to be the day that no one was waiting in the valet your kid area- and I had to walk Grey to his Top Secret classroom- so thank goodness I was wearing real people clothes...{shew}.


Many Spectrum kids lack imaginative or pretend play skills.

They can be taught to mimic those types of skills- put the bottle in babies mouth she's hungry...make the car crash into the blocks, jump up on the couch- the floor is on fire!  But that doesn't guarantee that they will then start to develop the bubbling imagination that grows behind it.

Imagine... It's such an awesome word...

And such a core childhood memory for me...In addition to the regular old- House and Doctor I remember so much imaginative play rooted deep in my childhood...

We'd play the Price is Right,  Church (Saltines was the Eucharist and Kool-Aid was the wine- until the neighbor across the street came over and told me we were being sacrilegious...so after that I could only play Church in my back yard or my basement)...So many things...

Sometimes pretending is so much fun.

The way they play, develop and look at the World...I want to go there in my head again.

And I sometimes feel sad that Greyson may not ever come up with crazy concocted scenarios in his mind...But when it comes to Grey- I try to remember- anything is possible. 

And I thought about it- like really thought about it...and I can't tell you the last time I used my Imagination...for good...Oh I imagine-all the time...I imagine gaining 30lbs if I ate what I wanted and stopped running...I imagine getting Cancer, I imagine what it will feel like if Parker turns out to be Autistic...


I'm pretty sure most of my imagination is connected to what people call worst case scenarios.
When did that happen? How can I be responsible for teaching my son something- that I don't even know how to use anymore?

And thinking about that inspired me... I will Imagine good...

I'm writing a book you know- Little Light Bulbs Daily...I'm going to imagine myself at my first book signing...I'm going to imagine how good it will feel to have a parent tell me that our story helped them through an incredibly hard time.

I will imagine me- at a fun and fancy Friday lunch with girlfriends...for no reason at all but to have a glass of wine during the day and a few laughs to refuel...

I will imagine Greyson talking to me- and not in a way that makes me sad because he can't now- but in a way that makes me hopeful... I will Imagine thousands and thousands of people reading this blog...not because I want to be famous or feed my ego...Because I want to honest to goodness Change the World. Thank you so much for being here and reading these words. I'd hug you right now if I could.

When was the last time you imagined? 

Don't forget to Imagine and explore...

You may say, I'm a Dreamer
But I'm not the only one
I hope some day you'll join us
And the World will be as one.

Imagine- John Lennon


  1. That is why you sleep in your sweats...so you can wear them to school....and leave your makeup on, too, for that matter. I should know!!

  2. I drove Natalie to school the other day in my slippers! Shoes were just a burden. :)