Tuesday, October 9, 2012

people first

The thing that kept me going throughout the day today was thinking about Michael's arrival home and eating an Asian salad for dinner from Zeni-ya...


Is that weird? Just the thought of a salad getting you through the day? It's a really, really good salad. I asked Google if it was weird and Google didn't know...I thought Google knew everything...

Thanks Google... For nothing...

Michael didn't get home until way late...but I did get my salad.

Autism Boy...Yes, that was the title of my segment on The Central Valley Today show last Thursday....

As I was waiting in the Green Room, a Producer Assistant came in to check me in and mike me. He asked, Who are you here with? And I told him, It's just me...He look a little confused... Are you part of a company? Nope...Just me- Chrissy Kelly... He scoured the piece of paper in his hand and turned it towards me... Do you know who you are on here? And I see listed in the Number 1 slot, Autism Boy...

And I just started laughing...I knew what was written was wrong...But I wasn't sure why... And through my 3rd grader laughter I was able to spit out- That's me! I'm Autism Boy!!!?? I thought-- I bet some 22 year old assistant wrote that on the call sheet because they didn't know any better.
But then they named the segment, Autism Boy. Really creative guys.

I really don't get caught up on labels...if you call Greyson Autistic or a Boy with Autism... so at first I didn't really give it much thought...I received a few messages from my friends- Like- Autism Boy?! Are you kidding me?! I asked Michael what he thought of the term and he said it was terribly offensive...

One awesome friend, April asked if they posted the video to the segment. I said, No- but I'm sure they are annoyed with the zillion emails they've received asking them to. (Which I LOVE! Thank you to EVERYONE that sent them an email!) She then said, Let's hope it works- then we can send in emails to have them use "people first language." Autism Boy? Sheesh!.  

When I thought of the term, Autism Boy- this is honestly what I pictured. I fricking love rose colored glasses.

I've never heard that term before...People First...It's like a real term...I asked Google... Google delivered...And I must say, I like it... I'm still pretty new to parenting a child with Autism...and Autism/Autistic is not a topic I would debate... for me...But I certainly don't want to offend someone else...and there are lots of other Super Powers besides Autism that I am not sure how to appropriately describe...But when you put the person before the descriptor- then you can never go wrong...

Since I was single Mom'ing tonight, I knew it was best to leave during the bewitching hours- the few hours before the kids go to bed...and I am alone...and totally insane...I used to think it was them that got witchy---but it's probably actually me... We literally chased the sun down the stretch of road leading from our house to a magical place called Woodward Park.


I let the boys roll around in the dirt...


Greyson goes crazy in dry dirt- scooching through it with his feet and then admiring the dust it creates. He could do it for hours...

Photobucket Photobucket

I'm happy to report, no witches were spotted.

I will leave you with some out takes of me trying to get Greyson to put his arms up like he was flying...We had to take a zillion pictures.

It's hard to get him to imitate something that he doesn't already work on in therapy or in school...He can kind of do it now- it's a Behavior Therapy Program called Motor immitation... But it was hard to show him what I wanted to do with my camera in my hand and ready to go.


Kangaroo Boy?

Getting warmer...


He's not a boy living with Autism or an Autistic Boy in my heart...

He's just my Greyson

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  1. You make me smile. Thanks for yet another great read. Happy Tuesday.