Sunday, January 6, 2013

people are good

Despite the grey skies...


Today we attempted the zoo...The second we got there Parker was not...thrilled let's say...

Mid-frito chew freak-out

He happied up once we got inside though...Especially once he found some puddles.


I love the independance of the little wee man...He's really tiny... and watching him do big things makes me laugh and makes me proud...


He just hung there...stuck...

Sea Lion cove is my favorite...


It awes me as much as it does them...


And when the Sea Lions get close- I feel like I'm at a concert and the rockstar just noticed me...


Watching the rare occassion of Grey interact with a Friend made it worth our weight in rain...

This way, Grey!

(Lizzie and Bx3- WE LOVE YOU!!!)
My son Greyson can't talk... He will attempt to repeat the things we tell him to say...


Grey- I don't understand. What do you want? 

(Greyson points to a juice box)

Do you want a juice box? You need to say juice


He does not spontaneously initiate conversation. He does not call out to me- Mommy! 

He does not make requests or comment on the World. Sometimes I ask him to repeat Wuv ooo... Because I know he does and I need to hear it.

Greyson will try to memorize the sounds we ask him to say...
He knows when my mouth makes the sounds: How old are you? His mouth must make the sound Tee... 

When I say, What's your name? his mouth must say Grey... He doesn't know what any of this means - I've yet to see that click in his eyes- but it's one of the things he has worked on for hours and hours and countless hours over the past year... 

It is our attempt to teach him HOW to learn... By watching him evolve, push back, and constantly TRY he is teaching me how to teach him...helping me see what is working and what isn't. Helping me understand what frustration deep in your bones feels like ...and helping me to see what the thrill of chills upon goosebumps from accomplishment feels like in my soul. Some day my bones will die- but my soul... Never.

I've never seen anything take so long in my life- says the most impatient girl who is also prone to exaggerate.

But I smile because kids aren't a buffet in Vegas where u can go through and pick out whatever you want. And Greyson not being able to talk isn't my bad day- it's his... And so it is my job to help.


Greyson can't talk... so I must be his voice...and that's why I'm so adamant about sharing this blog...Please...share this page...SHARE it on your Facebook page...It will only take a second...

Think of it as your price of admission... (CLICK HERE)


2 generalized statements that cause my blood to instantly boil. 

Kids are so cruel... People are so stupid...

Help me banish them from the world?

You see- maybe someone was mean to someone once upon a time... Maybe some jackhole cut you off in traffic...But oh my No- PEOPLE are not mean... I know because you are people and I love you --because you people are NICE. People helped me share this blog over and over again... People do good things.

The more people that know understand and are Aware of The Spectrum- the better, sweeter, and easier the world will be for my Bitty G... And possibly my Parker Doodle too (sigh). 

Greyson's differences tapped deep into my fears and insecurities and feelings about my very own different- which then whispered to me- Be transparent... How can you expect the World to embrace different when you can't even accept your own different? 

Light bulb moment...

And so I work fiercely to love the regular old flawed me and to live by example...And to show my kids that we don't need to be perfect to have someone be madly crazy in love with us.

Children are not cruel. Children are a beautiful blank creamy canvas and we as a collective-- Parents and friends and aunts and uncles and Teachers get all the colors of the rainbow to paint on them... They make some brilliant and amazing colors to use. The canvas quickly absorbs the paint and then it dries. Make your brush strokes brilliant. Have fun painting.

It was Parker's turn to be sick this weekend. A bath was the only thing that made him smile on Friday.




Do you love my new pedicure? I said to Jaques at the salon- Darling- Let's do something abstract... Only paint half the big toe and put just a random splotch on the smaller toes... It's the next big thing...


I thought of another statement I hate to hate...

People are so ignorant about Autism... 

No they aren't!!! Why should someone seek information about something that may not affect their day to day World?  People are not ignorant- some may be uninformed... And it is my welcomed responsibility to teach the World MORE. It's called Awareness. 

Thanks for helping me share it with the World...



  1. I just stumbled across your blog some days ago and I really like it! And I love what you wrote about the canvas!

  2. Just found your blog off autism awareness!! LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! Will be reading more. My daughter Cali was diagnosed two years ago. She is four and we love her more than words. Ava is two and she does not have autism. We love her just as much:) Thanks again!