Tuesday, January 1, 2013


Wouldn't it be so great if I had found some sparkly goodness to share to help us all get our year started? 

Something we could grab onto and hold like a blankie or a wubbie when times are tough... Something that makes us sigh with relief and think- I can do this

Some details of 2012 were hard... But overall I swear I'm telling the truth when I say overall 2012 was a beautiful year. The good happy shiny parts are worth more points then the bad ones in this game of Life... 

The fact is- the World needs you. Whether you know it or not- you made a promise to live a good life. That's why it hurts so much when you struggle and when you are sad...because it's not how it's supposed to go.
There is no quick fix, easy, happy life button for any of us. Sometimes a happy life takes hard work, strength and determination. Sometimes we forget that and think we want the happy Life that it looks like others have... We all have our doubts behind closed doors. We all are enough... You are enough... You are more than enough. You are just right.

On New Year's Eve and I was talking to my Doctor at my Physical Therapy place. (He's a chiropractor but they also have Physical therapy and massage there.) 

What else can we do to help my headaches? I asked him.

The Doctor said- Strength training... and so they fit me in with the Physical Therapist right after my adjustment appointment. The trainer let me know that when we overcompensate certain muscles- we create pain...and therefore other muscles become weak because they aren't being used appropriately. He said that every muscle has an opposite and opposing force. And so to work on my headaches and neck,  I worked to strengthen my upper and lower back and my shoulders to take off some strain.

Just like life friend. We have to strengthen the weaker parts to let some of the pressure off the places we are overworking

Does it help to get mad at the weak muscle? Does it help to dwell on it? Does it help to ask why we were given a weak muscle or curse God? No- the only thing that helps is doing the hard work to make the weak strong and to rest the parts that are tired. 

What areas of your Life do you want to strengthen this year? Where could you let up a little? I want you to pause and really think on this one... 

And here's the really hard part- we need to try and do it before we are injured. Before we are at the end of our rope. Before it's too much.

2013 is going to contain a lot of strength training. 


We're gonna get STRONG in our weak places. When you create that strength inside- the outside can't affect you as much. You don't expect perfect and happy- but when it comes along- you are grateful.


I woke up New Year's Day in complete pain... No, not from champagne but from my muscles that have been sleeping for years. I hate pain- just for pains sake... But I can handle the pain of accomplishment any day. The pain of challenge. The pain of growth. Growing pains- the price we pay to grow... 

All too often we can't change the circumstance... but we can always change our mind...

You can't imagine the strength you already have inside...Happy 2013, Friend...I promise... It's going to be a good one...

Out with the old...


In with the new...


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  1. Great post, I definitely need to work on building up my strength before I break under pressure not after. First time visiting and I have a Parker too and one with autism. Nice to "meet" you.