Wednesday, May 22, 2013


One hour left...

One excruciating hour before bed time...

I imagine it will feel like holding my breath for an hour...or doing crunches for an hour. Time shrinks and expands throughout life. One hour drinking coffee with a friend is not the same one hour before bedtime. It's gotta be written in some law of physics book somewhere.

I think back on what I've eaten today. Gross. An odd combination of foods usually reserved for a Vegas buffet. Some noodles, veggie straws, pistachios, Greek yogurt, pop chips, pretzels and a turkey sandwich. Small handfuls of the boys snacks that I simply didn't feel like standing up to throw away.

And now.... 52 minutes left still... It feels like I've been writing for 3 hours... I'm positive it's been at least that long- but my clock mocks me with a number that is only 8- now 9 minutes later.

And now- bedtime is here... And the last minutes weren't hard at all... In fact they were some of the most beautiful of my entire day...and my face is covered in tears and my heart is swelling with love because God himself brought me to this video that I watched which gave my Life instant perspective...

Most people live kind of in the middle. Between a dream come true and you're dying and it's a very comfortable place to live. I'm living on the two extreme ends, so you have really really good days, and you have really really bad days. Zach Sobiech

Zach- That's how I feel about my Life... we have really really amazing days- and some really really difficult ones... but you've helped me realize that is OK- because we are not stuck barely feeling in the middle. Thank you for enriching my Life and for touching my heart. I'm listening to your song Clouds as I type and and I'm grateful for this whimsical beautiful moment.

Today I said screw the end of naked time.

 photo _MG_0399_zpse57d2bba.jpg

Greyson is slowly recovering from being sick. It was his first day back in therapy since Friday and it was a rough one. 6 hours with only an hour break in between. Apparently naked time makes everything better. Baby wants naked time? Baby gets naked time.

 photo _MG_0464_zps5f6c551c.jpg

Parker said what the heck and decided to join him in naked swimming...

 photo _MG_0491_zps568d9588.jpg

 photo _MG_0457_zps693bbe05.jpg

Naked driving...

 photo _MG_0525_zps0fcf43ea.jpg
And even naked reading...

 photo _MG_0521_zpsd4fdf936.jpg

And then some naked- pondering what I read...when you are 2, everything is better naked.

Apparently he even wanted to do some naked eating... Since Parker can't talk- he found a way to tell me when he is hungry. He does this when he is ready to eat- and he often gets stuck. It's one of the million things that makes my heart swell with happy and sad all at once.

 photo _MG_0474_zpsef44d2e3.jpg

So now I go to get ready for bed...grateful to be alive...It's a calm and peaceful moment.

I'm realizing Life is made up of moments... Simple moments... Moments strung together. Happy, silly, sad, hard beautiful moments...Moments... Funny that the word Mom is snuck in there.

Thank you for sharing some moments with me.



  1. I do enjoy naked reading and pondering. The naked driving might get me arrested though.

  2. I look forward to reading this every night! Thank you for sharing!

  3. I'm usually a morning reader... but since I'm up at 3 am because my son NEEDED his puzzle in his bedroom to even attempt going back to sleep (which he isn't doing), I enjoyed having something to read now! :)

  4. Long live naked time!
    Love & happiness to you, sweet mama! Jennifer

  5. OMG I am so glad you found Zach, he lives(d) here in our sweet little town, Stillwater, MN and we all love him so. He truly was an amazing spirit and has and will continue to help so many, we are so proud to call him our hometown hero :)