Wednesday, May 22, 2013


Today the World was spinning out of control.

And it finally stopped and we are all exhausted. Greyson has been waking up numerous times at night from being stuffed up and sick... Greyson has been struggling this week... And mentally it's so hard for me to not only watch him- but to make him do ABA and make him go to speech and make him go to his Typical preschool- when he's still just not back to his fully healthy self.

Stuffy nose and head and fever blisters and tired. He is expected to work so hard- and he does. And it's times like these I just want to say screw Autism for the week...we are just going to have naked time at the pool all day every day until he feels better.

But every day counts...

It's funny...the more I feel out of control in Life- the more I work to control the other things...

 photo _MG_0361_zps2672fe23.jpg

And if I pull out a label maker? Forget it.

 photo _MG_0365_zpsf8d2311f.jpg

 photo _MG_0366_zps49154e6f.jpg

That's why I feel sorry for people who have absolutely every single duck lined up in a row...everything perfect all the time... I know it means they are masking some kind of sadness and feelings of inadequacy.

 photo _MG_0533_zps2038b786.jpg

Grey feel right asleep after preschool today- and I had to wake him up to go to Speech Therapy.... Speech is so important because it's the bridge from Spectrumville to me.

And the more he communicates the happier he is. His happy is my welcomed responsibility. Greyson's communication regressed to almost nothing when he attended school this past year... From consistent 3 word requesting sentences- I want drink. I want outside. I want car... Gone...

And he is working so hard to get his language back. Today he even had a few two word sentences...

 photo _MG_0536_zps1be3efa6.jpg


 photo _MG_0535_zpsb827a365.jpg

Greyson- you teach me what it truly means to work hard.

Last night I started writing while the kids were still up... Lesson learned... as I sat right in front of them but not paying any attention- Parker:

Took off his diaper
Peed on the floor
Dumped out a mug of coffee hiding from morning- right after he drank some

 photo _MG_0531_zpse397086d.jpg

And dumped out at least three million nonpareil colored candy sprinkles on the ground that I know I will be finding for years...

Happy sleep...or wake... Depending on when you read....


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  1. Your pictures of Control Organizing is the definition of my being. If I feel out of control and can't do anything about it, I make sure I have control of my environment. This means cleaning and organizing until I collapse. It's something I've been working on all year, and will probably be working on my whole life. My girlfriend can't stand it: "Can't you just sit down?"

    I hope today has been calmer for you, but if it hasn't, hang on and make some more labels.