Thursday, June 20, 2013

being awesome

Today when someone asks, How are you? Say I'm awesome....No disclaimers- just- I am awesome.

No- I'm fine or I'm exhausted, I'm tired, I'm busy, I'm frustrated, or I'm hanging in there.

Because you are awesome. Simply because you are you. You are here on earth for a purpose and you are doing exactly what you should be doing. You were not some random creation- you were God's on-purpose. It's hard to believe me- isn't it? We are conditioned to down-play who we are, our strengths and gifts and beauty. But you are awesome and so am I. So we need to act like it.

It's so easy to focus on the not-enoughs. I've had two terrible nights of sleep in a row and I am so tired...
This morning I had a sitter come to the house for Grey while I took Parker to Speech Therapy. The sitter and I said our hellos and she asked how I was doing. I'm so exhausted, I said. And by saying it and talking about it-- I felt even more exhausted. You are such a buzz kill- I thought while I drove to speech. I decided then -that instead of being exhausted, I was going to be awesome for the rest of the day. And so I was.

The Law of Conservation of Energy says that energy can not be created or destroyed, only converted from one form to another. So I converted my exhausted matter into awesome energy. And I don't care what some science law says- I promise there was more of it then. And the more awesome I was the more awesome I became. I swear. Being tired takes so much energy. How are you?Exhausted...and it sets a tone. But being awesome creates energy.

I stopped by the grocery store after speech. Exhausted me wouldn't have noticed they sold balloons at the store but awesome me bought one in every color for the boys. When I was checking out and the cashier asked me how I was doing- I had to pause- to remember the right thing to say... I am awesome! How are you? I noticed the difference in others. Their face lit up and I'm pretty sure they became a little more awesome too.

I love watching Grey when he finds his awesome. He doesn't hide it at all.

 photo _MG_2587_zps6b52e7d3.jpg

And if I would have been exhausted we wouldn't have run out the door to catch this... and it was one of my favorite moments of my day.

 photo _MG_2602_zpse210e814.jpg

 photo _MG_2605_zps1a09d714.jpg

Exhausted me would have for sure skipped doing any kind of exercise today, but awesome me said, Just get your shoes on and just go for five minutes.

 photo photo-72_zps27046f2f.jpg

Thank goodness for my awesome double stroller and my two awesome boys that sit in it. And wouldn't you know- awesome me ended up going for 45 minutes instead of five.

The husband is out of town for work. Exhausted me probably would have eaten tortilla chips and salsa for dinner while standing up at the kitchen counter, but awesome me decided to go somewhere to grab a sandwich instead.

 photo _MG_2656_zps8f722aa0.jpg

And it even came in an awesome little box, like shoes...awesome.

And the balloons created lots of extra awesome all day long.

 photo _MG_2636_zpsd6747cd3.jpg

 photo _MG_2643_zps36f5d9d8.jpg

Apparently balloons are awesome swimmers.

 photo _MG_2658_zps439c2323.jpg

Do you spy Parker? He just sat there in his own little created awesome balloon room. And I kid you not, as I type the balloons are even in bed with Greyson and I. So I'm going to go to bed now and catch up on my awesome sleep. But I think you should be your awesome you tomorrow too. See what happens.

Much Love,


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  1. My boys love the garbage truck too. When my oldest was 2 and my youngest was a newborn, I would baby bjorn the baby, throw the 2 year old in a push car, and we would literally follow the stinky garbage truck around the neighborhood. I worried that the baby would think we're nuts, but now he loves garbage trucks as much as his older brother. It was awesome, and so was this post! Thank you! I am totally adopting this.

  2. This post was.awesome. Truly. Long ago I stopped saying I was overwhelmed, because I figured saying it only gave me permission to feel it. But, I had never carried over that thought to other words & emotions I say about myself. So, thanks. I am off to have an awesome day with my awesome self & my awesome boys. It is catchy:).

  3. I found you via Momastry {wonderful post!} and this post surprised me, because it matches my own determination/intention from this {very} morning. I was surprised to read your words, surprised that you would mirror so specifically what I had felt/seen.
    The possibilities are endless, aren't they? The way we can shape our moments and accept that somethings need to remain {un}shapeable.
    There is rest in the paradox. xo

  4. I too, found you via Momastery today. I was not having an Awesome day and your post really gave me the strength today to pull myself together. My 3 1/2 year old has autism as well and I just loved the reminder not to let the sadness take you down. I think I am even going to strap my two littles in the double stroller and take a jog in this 100 degree Texas heat... Thanks so much for the kick in the booty that I needed today!

  5. I just came across your blog today and I have been scrolling through all your posts. I love it so much. You are such an amazing example and a wonderful mom. And your two little boys are so stinking cute!

  6. You are awesome! Thank you for this nightcap - I am going to try it tomorrow.
    Came over here because of your beautiful post on Momastery.
    Wishing you an awesome tomorrow :-)

  7. Awe :) I love your blog~I hope that I too am going to have an "awesome attitude"~
    Its not always easy being awesome, but even "faking it" makes for a much better :)
    Happy Sunday!